Boston Globe Article

Kathleen Burge of The Boston Globe has published and article titled “Raising alarm at sport’s dangers” on This is the second article she has published this week, about a year after the death of Boston area cheerleader Lauren Chang. The first page of the article says “Chang’s family worked with state Representative Peter J. Koutoujian to file a bill in the Legislature this year that would create a committee that could recommend ways to make cheerleading less dangerous.” A copy of the resolve can be downloaded below.

As an industry we need to figure out how to become safer or we will leave our fate in the hands of politicians. There are groups trying to make the activity safer (AACCA, NCSF, NCSSE, USASF), but the results of their efforts aren’t yet enough. As an industry we have a long way to go and we may not have much time to do it ourselves.

Boston Globe Article & Massachusetts Resolve