NCA Results

Congratulations to all the teams earning NCA jackets this weekend. Top Gun Large Coed completed the JAMfest, Cheersport, NCA trifecta by building a 1 point lead on Saturday and having a better performance on Sunday. Cheer Athletic Panthers (Large Senior) may have established themselves as the favorites for Worlds by beating Cheer Extreme and Maryland Twisters F5.

Spirit of Texas won an extremely competitive Small Senior division with Stingrays finishing a close second and day 1 leader, East Elite, falling to 9th.  Stingrays took the crown in Small Coed, beating out runner up Spirit of Texas, and day 1 leader Gym Tyme, who finished 6th. Georgia took the Medium Coed (Senior Semi Limited Coed) and Brandon took home the title in Small Small Coed (Small Senior Limited Coed).

NCA Results & Worlds Bids

We also need to give credit to NCA for getting results and videos up as fast as they did. Great Job Guys!