Cheersport Thoughts

There are all sorts of stories and complaints coming from Atlanta about this weekend. Many center around people being unhappy with the scoring and the live webcast. The scoring complaints range from the normal “My Team was Screwed” type complaints to questions about how a team could make up so much ground on day 2, fueled by some scores being posted on the web, then changed. Some of the scoring complaints are not warranted and caused by a lack of understanding of Cheersport’s scoring system and the subjectivity that is present at all cheerleading competitions. Some of the complaints are simply bias in favor of or against another team. Some of the complaints come from results that have many people scratching their head wondering what the judges saw that they didn’t.

I don’t know about the webcast because I didn’t order it. I’m not surprised there were problems because of the difficulty of putting an event like Cheersport live on the web. With the potential for technical issues from so many sides, but primarily bandwidth issues, it would have been truly amazing if the event went off without a hitch

There is also a rumor about a spitting incident involving 2 high profiles teams. Supposedly a cheerleader from one of the teams spit on a coach from the other team in the warm up area. I hope this isn’t true, but there has been enough information given to me about it from reliable people that I can’t rule it out.

As far as the competiton goes, Cheersport says the results will be posted on the web on Tuesday.