Varsity Acquisitions: A Recap

Varsity was comprised of UCA, UDA, ACA, & USA prior to being taken private with the help of Leonard Green & Partners (Consumer Products Portfolio). Since then they have been on a buying spree.

NCA, NDA, & CDT – This acquisition gave Varsity the major player in the All*Star market, as well as the second largest in the camp and uniform businesses.

Athletic Championships & Premier Athletics РThis acquisition brought manpower (Mike Martinez, Boog Potter, & Cole Stott) to Varsity, as well as guaranteed client̬le. Varsity now has gyms that can buy uniforms and attend competitions, allowing Varsity to benefit from multiple sources.

WSF – Provides an east coast presence, one of the areas Varsity was weak.

American Championships, Spirit Team, & CTC – Eliminates significant competition in the resident camp business.

Spirit Sports – This one confuses us. James Speed (University of Louisville & Gym Tyme) is the only thing that comes to mind.

Cheer Power – Cheer Power was the driving force behind Final Destination & the Small Gym Association. This purchase would have seriously hampered Final Destination if the JAM Bands didn’t step in. It also gave Varsity a much larger presence with small gyms.

All Star Challenge -All Star Challenge has some unique events and well respected leaders.

Spirit Cheer – Spirit Cheer has a unique relationship with the NBA, which Varsity can expand.