The IALC issued the following information about the event:


I know it is difficult to keep up with all the information and “new stuff” that is happening in the all-star market. I wanted to take this opportunity to provide answers for the “most asked” questions about All-Levels and help clear up some of the confusion! And, remember to check out the new website at www.all-levels.com.

  1. All-Levels was created to give non-worlds teams an opportunity to work towards an end-of-the-season championship similar to the Worlds event.
  2. The USASF is NOT running the All-Levels events. All-Levels is a collaborative effort between the Founding Partners – some of the biggest and best Event Producers in the industry. Check out the complete list at the All-Levels website.
  3. The Founding Partners are members of the USASF.
  4. 4. In order for your teams to qualify for the All-Levels, they must earn a bid at a Qualifying Event produced by one of our Founding Partners. To find a Qualifying Event, visit the “Qualifying Locations” page on the All-Levels website.
  5. At each Qualifying Event, teams will earn bids based on their award placement. First Place winners will pay only $25 per participant, Second Place Bid winners will pay $45 per participant, and Third Place Bid winners will pay $65 per participant. The All-Levels Founding Partners will also be issuing At-Large Bids at their discretion.
  6. At each Qualifying Event, 1 PAID BID will be awarded by the Founding Partners. A PAID BID means that your All-Levels registration fees have been waived. Paid Bid Winners WILL have to cover their own transportation and housing.
  7. The All-Levels Championships will be held in April and May at 5 different locations across the country – Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Antonio, Atlantic City and Columbus.
  8. The only divisions not eligible to compete at All-Levels are; Level 1 Tiny, L5 and L6 Senior Level Divisions, International Open and International Open Coed.
  9. All Level 5 Junior Divisions (L5 Small Junior, L5 Large Junior and L5 Junior Coed) ARE eligible to compete to All-Levels.

In late May, after the 5 All-Levels events occur, Varsity will be hosting the Grand Championship online. Judges will log onto the website and score the winning videos from all 5 locations. The highest scoring teams during this round of competition will be crowned the first-ever “Virtual Grand Champion”.