IALC’s Target: JAM Brands or CheerSport

There’s no, or at least very little, secret about Varsity Brands’ dislike of, and brewing rivalry with, JAM Brands. The question I pose is who is being targeted by the Varsity led International All Levels Championship.

JAM Brands

JAM Brands is the obvious choice due to their recent acquisitions positioning them as the only entity that can pose a serious threat to the Varsity empire. The IALC qualifying events, which are dominated by Varsity Brands’ events, could pull some teams from JAMfest and friends in hopes of qualifying for a (theoretically) prestigious end of the year competition. The IALC also serves as a preemptive move against the JAM Brands starting their own similar event.


Quick, name a large competition dominated by level 1-4 teams held at the Georgia World Congress Center. CheerSport is the obvious choice, but isn’t this what the IALC is going to be? CheerSport’s bread and butter is lower level teams; remember, they are the group that introduced levels, and they have a very large, prestigious event at the Georgia World Congress Center. What better way for Varsity to steal some business from CheerSport.

Of course, this goes completely against my theory of CheerSport already being a Varsity Brand.