JAM Brands Judges

Dan Kessler, co-owner of the JAM Brands, sent the following email to judges on July 16th:

Dear Judge-

I would like to introduce myself to many of you.  My name is Dan Kessler and I’m a co-owner of The JAM Brands.  I’m contacting you to share some information on judging for this upcoming season.

I hope by now you know about The JAM Brands and what we are trying to do in the industry.  If not, simply put, we are trying to produce the very best cheer and dance competitions…period.  With that being said, we are looking for your help this season. Once again, we are looking for professional and qualified judges for each and every brand within The JAM Brands team.

We are currently working on finalizing our “judge information” for this season.  We invite you to spend the season with The JAM Brands and want you to save any available judging weekend/dates for The JAM Brands companies.  Please note you will still work with your “normal company” (i.e. if you judge predominantly for one company) first, and if your schedule allows, you will have the opportunity to judge for other JAM Brand companies.  We have nearly 200 competitions this season across the U.S., so please save your weekends for The JAM Brands!

In addition, we are working on a JAM Rewards Judging System that will benefit you for committing to The JAM Brands and/or a specific company as a whole!  More information will be coming soon regarding this system.

The company or companies that you judged for last season will contact you very soon to confirm your schedule.  I look forward to having you involved with The JAM Brands team!

Dan Kessler
The JAM Brands