NCA’s Scoring Grid

Justin Carrier sent the following email on May 1st:


I wanted all of you to have a first look at NCA’s revised scoring system for the upcoming season. Point ranges, definitions, and values have been tweaked ever-so-slightly based on feedback from our customers and judges.

2008-2009 NCA All-Star Scoring Grid

The first page is a grid charting skills into specific point ranges. These point ranges are contingent on a majority of the team executing the skills with a high level of perfection. The second page is the NCA’s Sliding Criteria — examples of traits and qualities of the execution to help the judges determine skill placement within the point range.


  1. The 10 – 11 Pyramid Category has been opened up to 9 -11. This will move a majority of the Level 4 Pyramids into the 9 range and a majority of the Level 5 Pyramids into the 10 range.
  2. Level of execution of jumps will be a priority in placing teams within a jump range. Jump Combinations, Additional Skills, Difficulty Level, and Variety will be the sliding criteria that moves a team within the range.
  3. The Motions/Dance Ranges have been tweaked to take some of the emphasis off of choreography and directed towards execution and energy level. Remember, even though this category is listed on the AS grid, it will always be inherently subjective when scored by judges.

For those of you attending the NCA Coaches Conference this weekend, I look forward to seeing you there!

Justin Carrier
Executive Director – Strategic Development