USASF Uniform Survey Clarification

USASF director Jim Chadwick sent the following email on March 12th:

In our efforts to better understand the opinions and points of view of members of this organization that now number over 12,000, we have been conducting a number of e-mail surveys. The most recent survey regarding uniforms has created some misconceptions that need to be clarified.

  1. What you received was only a survey, nothing more.
  2. There is nothing in the 2008-09 rules, soon to be released, that is new regarding uniforms.
  3. The purpose of the uniform survey was to collect information to be discussed at the National Advisory Board (NAB) meeting in April. The NAB is made up of individuals you elect to represent you with the goal of helping set the agenda for the USASF. A listing of the NAB membership follows. Please contact your representatives if you have any suggestions regarding any aspect of possible uniform guidelines.
  4. Before any uniform rules would be passed, the USASF would first need to decide this is an area that would benefit from USASF governance. There has not been any decision on this one way or the other. On one hand, there is a concern that some parents may view some of the uniforms on our youngest athletes as sexual exploitation, do not allow their children to join an all star program, and thus limit the overall size of the market. On the other hand, most of the parents with their children already in all star programs probably think the uniforms are fine. The truth may lie somewhere in the middle.
  5. The mission of the USASF is to increase the number of participants benefiting from the positive life experience of all star cheer and dance. Would there be more participants if we provide uniform guidance to gyms or should we let the gyms make the decision? I am sure that most would prefer to let gyms choose but the concern is how many will make poor choices and the potential this creates to limit the size of the market.
  6. One of the strategies the USASF employs to accomplish its mission is to strengthen the actuality and perception of all star as a safe sport. While we tend to think of safety from an avoidance of injury standpoint, we should also consider the importance of protecting our athletes from sexual predators.
  7. Our goal is to have a clear and transparent rules development process that includes everyone with a point of view. The January NACCC rules meeting was webcast and a vote was taken worldwide. The USASF Rules Committee, 25 experts strong, has considered every point of view. Any issues that are still cloudy after the worldwide vote and the analysis of experts, will go to the NAB for input. The end product is every member of this organization that wants to express an opinion regarding any rule has the opportunity so the idea that there will be a surprise rule on uniforms this or any year is totally false.
  8. Finally, and probably most importantly, all star is composed of equal parts sports and entertainment. Uniforms that fail to support the entertainment component would be as counterproductive to growth as uniforms that are perceived as sexually exploitative. As with all things, keeping a balanced perspective on this issue is critically important.

NAB Membership

Cheer Coach Representatives
Terms expire in December 2009

  • Jeff Miller, Pro Spirit, TX
  • Cheryl Pasinato, East Elite, MA
  • Courtney Pope, Cheer Extreme, NC
  • Robin Norko, Spirit All Stars, CT
  • Abel Rosa, Premier Athletics, TN

Terms expire in December 2008

  • Rhonda Durham, Quakes, CA
  • Kim Braasch, Cheer Tyme, PA
  • Debbie Love, Pep Club, KY
  • Jamie Parrish, Stingrays, GA
  • Don Collins, choreographer, NC

Dance Coach Representatives
Terms expire in December 2009

  • Lisa Greco, ACE, OH
  • Dan Sapp, PACE, CA
  • Amy Goldberg, Star Performance Center, OH
  • Todd Sharp, Planet Dance, IN
  • Carol Lloyd, Memphis Elite, TN

Competition Event Producers
Terms expire in December 2009

  • Dan Kessler, JAMfest, KY
  • Kevin Brubaker, Cheersport, NC
  • Justin Carrier, NCA, TX
  • Kiki Bittner, Pacwest, WA
  • Mike Pare, Spirit Cheer, FL

Terms expire in December 2008

  • Serena Andrews, Coastal Alliance, MD
  • Bill Patterson, NCA, TX
  • Tammy VanVleet, GSSA, CA
  • Gwen Holtsclaw, Cheer LTD, SC
  • Rey Lasano, U.S. Spiritleaders

Affiliate Members
Terms expire in December, 2009

  • Marisa Walker, American Cheerleader Magazine, NY
  • Stasia Ohmie, Dollamur, TX

Terms expire in December 2008

  • Carolyn Silberman, Cheer Coach and Advisor
  • Ross Morreale, Ross Athletics
  • Tate Chalk, Nfinity Shoes

Thank you for your attention to this important matter,
Jim Chadwick