USASF on the Varsity International Championship

Steve Peterson sent the following email to USASF Event Producers on January 31st in response to Mike Martinez’ email sent on January 30th:

IASF USASF Member Event Producers,
Following the announcement of Varsity Brands’ International All Levels Championship, the IASF USASF contacted Varsity to remind them of a recommendation approved by the IASF USASF Board of Directors in September 2006 that states:

No member of the USASF – IASF may characterize any competition they conduct, or participate in, as a “Worlds” or “World Championship”.

The IASF USASF had asked Varsity for a clarification of their press release. After a very willing and quick response, the clarification, from Mike Martinez on behalf of Varsity, was shared with the IASF USASF Board of Directors. The Board recommended the clarification be shared with all IASF USASF member event producers. Please read below.

Yesterday, during the IASF USASF Board of Directors conference call, John Newby on behalf of Varsity Brands offered to NOT include any divisions offered at the IASF USASF Worlds at their International All Levels Championship on the condition that other IASF – USASF members do likewise. Therefore, a proposal was made and approved by the Board.

No IASF – USASF member may conduct or participate in a multi-brand/event producer end of season
championship that includes divisions offered at the IASF – USASF Worlds.

Please feel free to call me or Jim Chadwick if you have any questions.


Steve Peterson
VP – USASF Events & Corporate Alliances

Mike Martinez’ email:

Dear Jim,
You have requested that I further explain the press release announcing the International All Levels Championship.

As I informed you, I headed up the marketing effort to announce the project. The announcement was formatted with the intent to fully describe to potential customers (the gyms) that this championship would be structured so that teams would qualify from events conducted by a wide array of companies across the country (similar to the method used by USASF Worlds), and that international teams could also be included. In other words, we were simply trying to describe an idea about scope and the selection process that gyms would be able to understand.

We in no way intended to confuse the market about this event being in any way connected to the Worlds. In fact, we specifically stated in the release that this event could compliment the USASF’s event, thereby specifically pointing out that this is indeed totally separate and distinct from the USASF.

Further, please note that the name “Worlds” was not, and will not, be in any way part of the title or subtitle, tagline, etc of the International All Levels Championship. Again, the headline was merely meant as a description of the type of structure to be used.

Regarding the scholarship program, as you are aware the scholarship program was very publicly proposed at the NACCC meeting (an official USASF event) in Atlanta, and our intention was to clearly state that we were supporting this proposed program to benefit the athletes who comprise the sport.

I sincerely regret if there was any misunderstanding in the situation. As always, we remain committed to the USASF, its ideals and its official World Championship.

Mike Martinez, President
Athletic Championships