USASF National Advisory Board

Gina Evans sent a couple votes to USASF members on January 30th and 31st:

The first was for the Event Producer representative for the National Advisory Board:

  1. Kiki Bittner
  2. Kevin Brubaker
  3. Justin Carrier
  4. Mark French
  5. Dan Kessler
  6. Mike Pare
  7. Lisa Saline

The second was for the Coach representative to the National Advisory Board:

  1. Cheryl Pasinato – East Elite, MA (re-nominated)
  2. Carol Wade-Lam – 5 Star Academy, MA (re-nominated)
  3. Jeff Miller – Pro-Spirit, TX (re-nominated)
  4. Robin Norko – Spirit All Stars, CT
  5. Tanya Roesel – Midwest Elite, OH
  6. Courtney Pope – Cheer Extreme, NC
  7. Abel Rosa – Premier Athletics, TN
  8. Alison Dyko – Boca Extreme, FL
  9. Mayra Brandt – Boca Extreme, FL

The third was for the Affiliate Committee representative to the National Advisory Board:

  1. Todd Kopp – Core Athletics – Wilmington, MA (Training & Conditioning Equipment)
  2. Kelley McKeown – Elite Sportswear – Reading, PA (Team Apparel)
  3. Marisa Walker – Editor in Chief from American Cheerleader Magazine, NY
  4. Stasia Ohmie – Dollamur (Sports Surfaces)
  5. Randy Cofield – Team Cheer (Apparel Shoes)