USASF “Gym Profitability Committee” Nomination

The USASF sent the following email on Tuesday, February 26th:

We are creating a Gym Owners Committee with the mission of helping all USASF member gyms become more profitable. This group will be led by a Steering Committee: Morton Bergue, Casey Jones, and Cole Stott and the USASF Regional/Area Directors.

Your involvement to nominate gym owners in your area for election to this committee is needed.

The goal is to have 5 members elected per region roughly on the following ratio: 1 large gym, 1 medium gym, 2 small gyms, and 1 other. The elections would be every year.

Please let me know by Thursday, 2/28/08, of your nominations for this committee.

Some of the goals for this committee will be to:
1. Help all size gyms grow.
2. Make sure the USASF does not pass any rules that hurt profitability more than legitimacy or safety is improved.

Gena Evans
USASF Area Director