New Varsity Family Plan

This email was sent by Tres LeTard on January 16th:

New Varsity Family Plan Rebates Benefit All Gyms

Major enhancements were announced today to guarantee all gyms, regardless of size or location, benefit even more from the Varsity Family Plan (VFP).

The two changes, effective with the 2008-2009 competition season, include the addition of a uniform Rebate component of 10% and elimination of a spending threshold to qualify for a Rebate.

Every program that enrolls in the VFP is eligible for the new uniform Rebate. For all purchases made after April 1, 2008, including uniforms, shoes and accessories, made through Varsity Spirit Fashions, Cheerleader&DanzTeam, and Ozone, a 10% Rebate will be earned.

Participating gyms will also earn a Rebate with the first dollar spent at Varsity Brands competitions. “We recognize that the current $10,000 spending threshold, in some areas of the country and for some gyms, especially in this economic climate, was simply unattainable”, says Mike Martinez, a representative of VFP. “The beauty of the program is that gyms are putting significant amounts of money back into their business, while also attending the greatest Events this industry has to offer.”

Varsity Brands event producers include ACA, American Championships, American Cheer Power, Athletic Championships, NCA/NDA, Spirit Sports, UCA/UDA, USA, and WSF.

Introduced in 2006, the VFP program allows gyms to benefit through a unique revenue sharing formula directly tied to participation in Varsity Brands events. During the last two competition seasons, Varsity Brands has paid out over $1,000,000 in Rebates, making it the most lucrative Rebate program offered in the All Star cheerleading industry.

“Other exciting initiatives are in the works for the 2008-2009 competition season that will help make all gyms successful,” Martinez continues. “We look forward to announcing those soon!”

For additional information, contact Tres LeTard.