Thank You Too, Dan

Dan Kessler of the JAM Brands was feeling the love for his judges on Tuesday, as the following email notes:


I wanted to take a moment during this busy season to drop a note to all our judges (yes this is a mass email). I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Thanks for the time, effort, professionalism, and hard work. We really do appreciate everything that you do for us. Sometimes we might get too busy at a competition as we hand out a check real quick to get you on our way and for us to get back to the final awards, to say thank you. So I wanted to take the time today to say we really appreciate your hard work. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. So again, thank you!!!

As I hope you know we (Aaron, Emmitt and myself) are making a substantial push in the cheer and dance industry to provide the very best products. Thus the reason we formed our new parent company, The JAM Brands. What we have done with the JAM Brands is we have acquired great partners, GSSA 1 Spirit Championships (Tammy Van Vleet), Great Lakes Championships (Sherri & Jim Wargnier and Heather Mills) and Coastal Alliance (Serena Andres, Dimi Kosmakos and Jeanne Vance). We have made a substantial impact in the industry thus for this season and we are hoping to be able to offer even more here soon.

For me personally working on this growth has meant less time “communicating” with many of you. As you know we did not want the judging process to suffer for you. Thus the reason we hired a great judging coordinator in Jeremi Sanders. He has done a tremendous job and he will continue to provide that great personal contact with our office (along with our event coordinators) that is important to you. We want to continue to work hard to make sure your time “dealing” with any of our companies is as smooth as possible.

Should you ever need anything please know that I am here. I don’t want you to think since we are acquiring all these companies and growing that I’m not able to talk to you, it is just the opposite. Yes Jeremi is here to make sure all is well and things go smooth for you. But I’m always going to be here, not just because many of you are my friends, but also because I want to make sure that The JAM Brands is a great place to judge.

So as we continue on this season with great events all over the country, please know that all of our staff here at JAMfest and The JAM Brands thank you for all your hard work and dedication to “getting it right”. Please continue to work hard for us, represent us with professionalism, and enjoy your time with us. As we look forward to a great future I hope we can continue to work with you.

Dan Kessler
The JAM Brands