NACCC Rules Meeting

The NACCC sent the following email on November 2nd with the Meeting Flyer attached. An updated Flyer was sent on November 5th.

Attached is the flyer for the NACCC (National All-Star Cheerleading Coaches Congress) Meeting taking place in Atlanta. Please review it and plan on registering to attend.
Remember, IMPORTANT TOPICS are voted on at this meeting and this is a perfect opportunity to have a voice in this industry.

  • Nov 15 – All suggestions for 08-09 Rules/Level Changes due to Les Stella
  • Dec 1 – All items to be voted on at meeting will be posted on USASF website
  • Dec 15 – Position Papers posted on USASF website NEW THIS YEAR
  1. The NACCC brochure will not be mailed. This IS your invitation.
  2. Only scheduled speakers will speak on their position at the meeting
  3. All of the general sessions will take place on Thursday, January 3rd. (Inaugural Members will meet on the evening of January 2nd).
  4. The meeting will conclude on Thursday, January 3rd at 4pm. For those flying to Atlanta, you will probably be able to get home that evening.

If you have any questions about the agenda for the USASF Meeting, contact the USASF at As it was so eloquently stated in an earlier survey, be a part of the SOLUTION, not the problem!!

NACCC Rules Meeting & NACCC Rules Process