NACCC Rules Information

The USASF sent the email below on Monday, November 19th:

Dear USASF/IASF Member Event Producer:

The USASF/IASF Rules Committee and the leadership of the NACCC, in addition to the USASF/IASFBoard, have been working hard to establish a process for rules/levels review and revision for 2008-09 that will be organized, inclusive and responsive to the needs of both all-star programs and event producers.

As a result, the attached process/dates have been developed to encourage as much participation as possible from member coaches and event producers. Please review these and take note of the following:

— This process has been posted on the USASF/IASF website since the beginning of November.

— The current list of proposed voting issues is listed on the website at

— The deadline for submitting suggested rules/level changes has been extended to Tuesday, November 27th.

— Submissions must be made in writing and sent to Les Stella at the USASF/IASF office.

Submissions and the ultimate voting on these that will take place in early January by coaches are critical to the continued success of the all-star activity and the standardization that the USASF/IASF and its members have strived to achieve over the past several years. Although event producers may not vote directly at the meeting in early January, I encourage your active participation in this important process by making suggestions for rules/levels revisions and getting this input on the ballot.

Michael Burgess
USASF/IASF Rules Chair

The following information was attached to the email:

Nov 1-Proposed level/rule changes to date are posted on the USASF website and sent out to all USASF member coaches.

Nov 15 -Deadline for suggestions of additional level/rule changes. These must be submitted in writing to Les Stella at (email omitted). JUST EXTENDED TO NOV 27, 2007.

December 1 – Final slate of level/rule changes to be voted on during Jan meeting is posted on the USASSF/IASF website and sent out to all USASF/IASF member coaches. A call for anyone who would like to speak on the webcast to any particular issue on the slate will be presented. An opportunity to write position papers will also be made.

Dec 15 – Position papers on any item on the slate for Jan meeting are due to Les Stella. These papers are for those who would like their voice to be heard, but cannot be present at the Jan meeting.

Dec 22 – Position papers posted on the USASF/IASF website. Agenda with speakers for Jan meeting set.

Jan 3 and 4 – At the Jan meeting, all those who previously asked to have time to speak on an item on the slate for voting will be permitted to speak. There will be a time limit given to each speaker. This time limit will be based upon the total number of people who have signed up to speak. Speakers will be limited to speaking only on the rule/issue that they are specifically addressing. Moderator to monitor this.

There is no guarantee that every individual who wishes to speak will have an opportunity to do so. Should there be multiple speakers addressing the same issue, there may be a limit placed on the number of people permitted to speak at the NACCC meeting (written comments on a topic will be welcomed).

These in person speeches will be webcast for all to view who cannot be present at the NACCC meeting.

Jan 14 – Votes will be tallied and final recommendations made to the USASF/IASF Rules Committee by the NACCC. These recommendations will be reviewed by the USASF Rules Committee which will in turn make a recommendation, Feb 1st, to the USASF Board as to whether to accept the proposed rules of the NACCC as written or not.

  • If the rules are accepted as written, then the process ends.
  • IF the rules are not accepted by the USASF Rules Committee as written, then the rules will be sent to a Joint Committee of the USASF and NACCC for revision. This joint committee will be comprised of 3 members of the USASF and 3 members from the NACCC. It is our hope that given the representation on both committees from the start, that the rules will not need to be forwarded to a Joint Commission (especially when we have a pseudo-joint commission all along with representation from each organization on each other’s committee).
  • The joint Rules Committee will revise the rules and make a recommendation to the USASF Board before final approval.

Feb 1 – USASF /IASF Rules Committee makes final recommendations to the USASF/IASF Board. Ultimately, the USASF Board may only approve or disapprove rules as recommended by the USASF Rules Committee (per the recommendation from the NACCC) or by the Joint Rules Committee. The goal is for the USASF Board to make its final decision for 2008-2009 rules/levels no later than the end of Feb 2008.

March 1 – Approved 2008-2009 levels/rules/divisions announced.