New Small Gym Divisions in the Southwest Region

On September 6th the USASF made the following announcement:

The USASF announces an immediate and limited addition to its divisional structure for the 2007-2008 season. NEW FOR 2007-2008:

  1. USASF member event producers conducting events in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Arkansas (Southwest Region) will be permitted to offer the specific “small gym” divisions listed below at any and all sanctioned events in these states. Offering these divisions is optional.
  2. “Small gym” divisions will be combined with standard divisions when there are not at least 2 teams registered in each division.
  3. A “small gym” is defined by 100 or less all star cheer competitors within one gym. Cross competitors are not factored into the equation.

Level 2:

  • Small Gym Mini – 8 years and younger, F/M, 5-20 members
  • Small Gym Youth – 11 years and younger, F/M, 5-20 members
  • Small Gym Junior – 14 years and younger, F/M, 5-20 members
  • Small Gym Senior – 18 years and younger, F/M, 5-20 members

Level 3

  • Small Gym Youth – 11 years and younger, F/M, 5-20 members
  • Small Gym Junior – 14 years and younger, F/M, 5-20 members

Level 4

  • *Senior Small Gym – 18 years and younger, F/M, 5-20 members

*The Level 4 “small gym” divisions may be further split into co-ed when there are at least two teams that will ultimately be registered in each respective division.

These divisions will be only offered at events held in the Southwest Region (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, & Arkansas) to teams that reside in these specific states listed. This change will only affect gyms in this region. We realize that most teams are already set; therefore, this decision should not affect the structure of existing teams. Instead it should allow gyms the opportunity to compete with USASF event producers while also allowing us to gather important information for future division decisions.

It has become evident that the “small gym” issue has different needs in different regions of the country. The USASF is committed to meeting these needs of this section of market while at the same time maintaining focus on its mission statement. Through the initial research and efforts of the USASF Small Gym Task Force, the USASF Rules Committee and the USASF Sanctioning Committee, the proposal above was put before the Board of Directors on September 5, 2007 and passed. Realizing now is not the time for great change, the USASF Board feels that this proposal will allow us to gather further data on the “small gyms” demographic while concurrently meeting the needs of USASF event producers and their customers in a geographical area that has a large representation of gyms of this size.

While this topic is now closed for further discussion for the 2007-2008 season, keep in mind that before setting divisions for the 2008-2009 season we will attempt to gather statistics from as many gyms as possible across the country. Please complete the survey on our website in the coming weeks so that we can all be a part of the solution. It is our goal that when divisions are set for the 2008-2009 season, they will be based on a large pool of data and the invited input of every member/potential member of USASF – gym owner and event producer alike.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with the process.


USASF Board of Directors