USASF Rules Change

The USASF has handed down the following changes for 2008.

  1. We will no longer allow the pass down of At Large (unpaid) cheer bids.
  2. All teams must go through prelims to get to finals and teams will be seeded in finals based on prelim results with the highest scoring teams going last.
  3. For the international category only: Open Level 6 all girl and coed divisions will be added, only the top 3 teams per country will go from prelims to finals, the team size limit will be 24, and coed teams will be limited to 12 males. There is one exception in which the International Junior Divisions will be allowed 36 team members for the 2008 Worlds but will be limited to 24 beginning in 2009.

Domestically, the most voiced complaint was that too many teams were at the Worlds that should not have been there. This was mainly the result of At Large bids being passed down. There has been a truly massive effort to listen to everyone and to make the appropriate changes. You will note that most of the changes are in the International Division and are the result of input from international partners through the IASF World Coaches Conference, the IASF Rules Committee, the World Advisory Board, and the International Competition Committee.