In My Cheer World…

The topic today is things I would change about cheerleading.

  • Each company would only be able to host one event billed as a “National Championship”
  • NCAA would host the College National Championship
  • All*Star Division would have an age floor and ceiling
  • Assisted Stunts would score lower than unassisted stunts
  • College Rules would be less restrictive
  • Cheerleaders and Cheerleading Parents would understand physical attributes are a part of athletics
  • Divisions would be combined to ensure every team at every competition competed against someone
  • Varsity Brands would count as one company per USASF
  • AACCA and USASF would be and appear independent
  • USASF would follow its own rules
  • Companies could be members of multiple governing organizations (USASF, NLCC, etc.)
  • High Schools would be allowed to compete on Spring Floors
  • All states would allow teams to compete at Nationals

That’s it for now. I’ll expand on these in the future.