Opening Day & New Authors

Although we have been writing for a few month already, we do not yet consider the site ready for prime time. Before we consider it ready we want a few things to occur, namely having between 10 and 12 articles published, having the forum software reach version 1.0, and customizing the forum. Until the forum tasks are accomplished we ask you use caution when using it because there is a possibility it will experience errors that will cause us to delete it and start over.

On another note, as the year progresses we may be looking for a few more authors. We only ask for a commitment of one article every other month. This include 3 articles a year in which all authors will write about the same topic. If you are opinionated and interested in expressing your views, please use the contact page to get in touch with us. You will be able to publish anonymously, but you will have to let the site administrators know who you are.