Cheerleading is Art and Art is Beautiful

Cheerleading is an Art, not a Science. As an art cheerleading is an expression of energy and creativity through a combination of stunts, tumbling, pyramids, dancing, and baskets, set to music. Some prefer artistic expressions through paintings over sculptures, music to poerty, and photography over theatre or cinema, just as in cheerleading some prefer College over All*Stars, NCA over UCA, and Stunts and Pyramids over Flipping, Twisting, and Dancing. I prefer Semi-Finals and Finals over combined scoring events and there are some who prefer routines with a cheer over all-music routines. Is one way of thinking correct? No, they are all special in their own way and having these differences spurs innovation.

Some love the cleanliness of Spirit of Texas while others prefer the difficulty of Cheer Athletics. Others prefer the confidence of Georgia over the poise of Stingrays. The question should not be which is better than the other. Instead the question should be how has the difference helped make cheerleading what it is today and how will the difference contribute to the future. Will there ever be a “perfect” routine, the one by which all other routines will pale in comparison. I hope not because the pursuit of the mystical “perfect” routine is what is driving creativity today. Once it is obtained there is no longer a goal. Right now, since we have yet to witness the perfect cheerleading routine we must continue to build skills and innovate in pursuit of it. Building our skills in all areas in hopes of performing the routine that gets the standing ovation and people to say “Wow, that was it” or just shake their heads in dis-belief. We do not know the ceiling of cheerleading skill and routines or even if there is an upper limit. This is what leads us to continue to push ourselves to see how high we can reach. This is what makes cheerleading an Art. This is what makes Cheerleading beautiful.