UCA College Nationals Division 1A Recap

Here is a quick recap of Division 1A at UCA College Nationals in order of appearance. This was written based on watching it live. I have yet to go back and watch any of the routines on tape.

  1. Memphis – Memphis hit a solid routine, but lacked difficulty. It was a very good way to get the competition started.
  2. Cincinnati – Cincinnati started with their cheer, which I’m not a fan of, and were kind of slow. They had a really high basket, but overall weren’t great.
  3. Oklahoma – Oklahoma was not energetic and a little shaky.
  4. Ohio State – The Buckeyes had a good pyramid, but a rough day. A couple drops and a no go took them out of the single digits.
  5. Alabama – Alabama looked good, but had a few bobbled stunts and one in a pyramid. More importantly they were one of few schools who held there own stunts.
  6. Kansas – Kansas was okay, highlighted by a tower double cupie. They lost a stunt and had a pyramid no go.
  7. Southern Miss – The Eagles lost an elite sequence and lacked difficulty, but had a visual routine.
  8. Louisiana State – LSU had a hot cheer which included 6 rewind to hands with signs so they could spell out TIGERS. They lost an elite, but did very well.
  9. New Mexico – New Mexico was another team that had a rough day. They lost a few stunts and a pyramid and bobbled some of the stuff they hit.
  10. Kentucky – Kentucky was a little rough around the edges then lost the ending pyramid. Overall they had the most difficulty, including holding there own stunts, but the pyramid cost them.
  11. Hawaii – Hawaii had a few drops and a few additional bobbles.
  12. Tennessee – The Vols lost a stunt and a pyramid in an otherwise solid routine. They were boring compared to the other top teams, but had a good routine.
  13. Minnesota – Minnesota had a couple drops and lacked energy.
  14. Central Florida – Central Florida was very good and visual, but had assisted stunts throughout the routine. They probably had the highest energy routine of the day.
  15. Mississippi State – The Dawgs had a rough day.

As far as the other divisions, Morehead State walked away with Division 1 Coed and All Girl while West Georgia did the same in Division 2. Orange Coast won Junior College and Hofstra and Northern Kentucky won Small Coed 1 and 2. A couple from Delaware won partner stunt. More information is available at Varsity.com.