If You Ain’t Cheatin’, You Ain’t Tryin’

Last weekend at Jamfest Cheer Super Nationals (January 19-21), there were multiple allegations of teams cheating by using over aged athletes. So far at least some of the allegations appear to be true. Midwest Cheer Elite, after initially being awarded a 3rd place trophy, is now listed as finishing in last (7th) place without a score. Midwest owners, coaches, and athletes have been called all sorts of names over the incident, replying by stating they were not aware the athlete was overage. They aren’t the first team to face repercussions for cheating (think Cheer Athletics last season) or the only team to be accused of cheating in their division at JAMfest, but so far no evidence has been supplied to support the other claims.

Allegations of cheating in AllStar cheerleading date back as long as AllStar cheerleading has been around, but so far few of the allegations have been confirmed. There is no surprise most of the allegations have centered around some of the top teams, including Top Gun, Georgia, and Kentucky Elite. Some say the competition companies need to do a better job of verifying age, while others say the USASF needs to step in. Let us know what you think.