Summit Adds Wild Card Bids

Varsity All Star LogoVarsity All Star announced Wild Card Bids to Summit. The lists of bid events for Cheer, Dance, and Wild Cards are available in the Spirit Company DropBox.

New for The Summit 2015! Varsity All Star will now be offering Wild Card Bids at select 1-day championships throughout the 2014-2015 competition season. These Wild Card bids give Junior and Senior teams the chance to earn their way into The Summit. The Wild Card round of The Summit will take place Friday, May 1st at the at the Walt Disney World Resort® in Orlando, FL. All teams who place 1st in their division in Friday’s Prelims will advance to Saturday’s Semi-Finals. Teams accepting Wild Card Bids are NOT eligible to accept At-Large Summit Bids, however, they can upgrade to a Paid Summit Bid. Unused Wild Card Bids will not be passed down. More information about The Summit travel packages will be posted soon.

NFHS Releases Cheerleading Rules for 2014-2015

NFHS LogoCheer Safe published NFHS Releases Cheerleading Rules for 2014-2015, including the link to order the book.

It’s also the perfect time for school cheerleading coaches and administrators to order their copies of the National Federation of State High School Associations 2014-2015 Spirit Rules Book which has just been released. The rules book, which can be ordered online, outlines the new cheerleading rules for 2014, addressing everything from transitions to partner stunts and dismounts. In addition to the most up to date rules, coaches will find passages on Education, Minimizing Risk, Concussions, and Overuse Injuries.

Observations After Independence Day

Thanks to Independence Weekend there wasn’t much going on in the cheer and dance world during the last week. I spent the weekend with several people in the industry including all star coaches, college coaches, event producers, and affiliates and had a conversation about whether or not it was worth going to a USASF Regional Meeting. The main reasons not to were the cost and being away from their home and business for a couple days, but overall the group thought it was worthwhile if you decided to go and make a legitimate attempt to particiapate. Basically you’ll get out of it what you put in, so if you go with an open mind, listen to the speakers, hear what’s going on with the industry, meet new people, and reconnect with some you already know, the meeting is worth the time and money. If you are going to skip several sessions and the networking opportunities, you probably won’t get enough from it to make it worthwhile.

On that note, I’m scheduled to be at all the regional meeting so feel free to say hi if you see me. I’ll be in the Level 6, rules, and scoring sessions.


USASF LogoThe first public draft of the Universal Score Sheet is now available on The Universal Score Sheet will be discussed at each regional meeting and has been added to the Spirit Company DropBox.

The schedule for the Atlanta meeting is available on and the Spirit Company DropBox.

The results from the European Cheer Union Championships have been posted on

American Cheerleader – The Movie was announced by the magazine. More information, including preorder details, is available on

UCA posted the score sheets that will be used in school and recreational divisions on New this year is a separate deductions sheet.

Good luck to everyone at Future Cheer Nationals, one of the largest in the United Kingdom, taking place this weekend.

OverStretch – July 9, 2014

Bellicose North Korea Lightens Up With Promise of Cheerleaders

Reuters published Bellicose North Korea Lightens Up With Promise of Cheerleaders, hinting at cheerleaders being used as a way to ease tensions between the Koreas.

“We have decided to dispatch a cheerleading squad along with the athletes to the 17th Asian Games in order to improve relationships between the North and the South and to create an atmosphere of national reconciliation.”

Oakland Raiderettes to Be Paid $9 an Hour, Make Minimum Wage for 1st Time

NBC New York published Oakland Raiderettes to Be Paid $9 an Hour, Make Minimum Wage for 1st Time, continuing the discussion of wage and working conditions for NFL cheerleaders.

But earning minimum wage in California is a big deal to the cheerleader who first sued the Raiders in December, claiming that all the unpaid time she put into the Raiderettes yielded an illegal salary of just about $5 an hour.

How to Get Employees to Share Ideas to Grow Your Business

The Intuit Small Business Blog published How to Get Employees to Share Ideas to Grow Your Business, discussing what should be an easy way to improve a business.

Some employee ideas may be game-changers. Some will result in only marginal improvement. Others will simply fall flat. You must make it clear that, regardless of the outcome, there’s no penalty for sincerely offered ideas that fail to move the needle.

How I Learned to Recruit an A-Plus Team

You’re the Boss published How I Learned to Recruit an A-Plus Team, discussing past mistakes made when hiring.

We have some excellent players on our team. I look around my office as I write this blog, and it occurs to me that they all share three traits: drive, cultural fit and raw intelligence. These will be the things I look for as I continue to build my team.