Cheer Biz News Annual 35 Under 35 Nominations Now Open!

Each year Cheer Biz News and sister publication Inside Cheerleading spotlight 35 cheer professionals who are making an impact on the cheerleading industry. From event organizers and camp producers to club owners and coaches to choreographers, music professionals, judges, apparel providers and everything in-between, these movers and shakers are making an impact and shaping the landscape of the cheerleading industry for years to come.

35 Under 35Nominations are now open for the 2014 Cheer Biz News 35 Under 35 roster. If you know of someone who should be considered for this distinction, please send an email with the following information to Kelly O’Brien ([email protected]). Please put “CBN 35 Under 35 Nomination” in the subject line of the email and include the following:

  • Nominee’s Information (Nomineemust be under 35 years of age)
    • Name
    • Current Place of Employment and Title
    • Number of Years Nominee has Worked at Company
    • Number of Years Nominee has Worked in the Industry
    • Nominee’s Accomplishments in the Industry
  • Information for Individual Submitting Nomination
    • Name
    • Place of Employment and Title
    • Email Address and Phone Number
  • In 250 words or less, please explain why the individual should be considered for this distinction.
  • You must also include two high-resolution photos of the nominee (~1 MG+) in order for the nomination to be considered, and at least one of those photos needs to be a headshot.


Please contact Kelly O’Brien with any questions.

How To Be The Leader They’ve All Been Waiting For

Forbes published How To Be The Leader They’ve All Been Waiting For, talking about using a leadership position to put the spotlight on others.

It takes maturity and humility and wisdom to grasp that oftentimes the best thing you can do with that spotlight is to put it on those around you, so that they blossom in ways they didn’t realize were possible … and so that your organization can benefit fully from their fully developed talents.

5 Things to Consider When Hiring Friends

Entrepreneur published 5 Things to Consider When Hiring Friends, talking about the reality of hiring and working with friends.

If you’re looking for a formula for dealing with this sort of thing, don’t waste your time. While it’s nice to have a little foresight into situations that may very well come to pass, that doesn’t mean you can prevent them from happening. Just be forewarned and prepare as best you can.

Welcome Tim Morgan as USASF Northeast Regional Director!

Please welcome Tim Morgan as the new USASF Regional Director for the Northeast!

USASF LogoTim’s 25 year history in cheer has been as a gym owner, All Star coach, customer, and event producer. He is currently the Head Cheerleading Coach at Virginia Commonwealth University and is an independent consultant for companies, gyms and schools in the cheerleading industry. He has served as a USASF Credentialing Instructor and Field Staff member for four years. Tim’s wide ranging experience in cheer and his dedicated service to the USASF makes him a welcome addition to the USASF staff.

You can reach Tim at: [email protected] or (804) 389-4074

Welcome, Tim!

Observations After the West Regional Meeting

Last weekend was the final USASF Regional Meeting of the summer. Overall I got the impression the regional meetings were larger and more successful this season than they ever have been. I’m going to take this as a positive sign more people are wanting to continue their education and get credentialed. It being a voting year probably helped out a bit, too.

USASF LogoFor the most part the West meeting was inline with the other regions, with the exception being I heard more people talking about attendees monopolizing a speaker’s time in class. Some even went as far to say some speakers were heckled by coaches during classes. The closest we got to this in the Level 6 classes I was involved with was when someone brought up Level 6 judge training in reference to disagreeing with the results at Worlds last season. Fortunately the group was respectful enough to comply when I pointed out the class wasn’t the appropriate time and place for that conversation and we could find time to talk about it outside of class. A couple people took the time to talk to Karen Wilson and I about it and I plan on making it a topic at the USASF Staff Meeting next month.


The dates and locations for the 2015 USASF Regional Meetings and Convention Week have been announced.

Champions League announced the teams competing at the 2015 event, which is moving to Los Angeles.

The general schedule for the NACCC Congress Meeting has been added to the Spirit Company Dropbox. In addition the meeting schedule has been added to the Calendar.

OverStretch – August 6, 2014

The Nfinity Champions League Reveals Programs and Teams Committed to CL2

Los Angeles, Calif., August 1, 2014 – The Nfinity Champions League will see it’s second season this March 20-22 as it moves from Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California. Nfinity Athletic, The Official Shoe of Cheerleading™ and Aloha Productions, one of the leading event producers for cheerleading and dance events, present the headlining teams for The Nfinity Champions League Live Event for March 20-22, 2015 in Los Angeles, Calif. at L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles. Twenty-eight of the most elite teams in competitive cheerleading compete for the title of The Nfinity Champions League Grand Champion. Twenty-two League Teams will return to the big screen allowing six spots for the wild card Level 5 teams to “Play-In” to the League guaranteeing a spot in the movie release. Those six teams will challenge The League with the bottom four scores not automatically advancing to the following year.

Each team competing in The Nfinity Champions League selects a charity of their choice that is designated throughout the competitive season. Money is raised for those charities during their season with the GRAND CHAMPION of The Champions League taking home $10,000 for their charity and the remaining All Girl and Coed Champions receiving a $5,000 prize for their cause. Over $30,000 was raised and donated in the inaugural year of The Nfinity Champions League.

Champions League LogoThe Nfinity Champions League and Aloha Productions have the following programs and teams committed for March 20-22 in Los Angeles, Calif.:

Returning League Teams:

  • Brandon All-stars – Brandon, Florida
    • Senior Black – Small Coed 5
  • California All Stars – San Marcos, California
    • Smoed – Small Coed 5
    • Black Ops – Medium Coed 5
    • Lady Bullets – Small Senior 5
    • Coed – Large Coed 5
    • ACES – Medium Senior 5
  • Cheer Athletics – Plano, Texas
    • Panthers – Large Senior 5
  • Cheer Extreme – Kernersville, North Carolina
    • Senior Elite – Large Senior 5
    • Coed Elite – Large Coed 5
    • Small Senior X – Small Senior 5
  • East Celebrity Elite – Boston, Massachusetts
    • C5 – Medium Coed 5
  • GymTyme All Stars – Louisville, Kentucky
    • Platinum – Medium Coed 5
  • ICE All Stars – Chicago, Illinois
    • Lady Lightning – Small Senior 5
  • Maryland Twisters – Glen Burnie, Maryland
    • Reign – Medium Coed 5
    • F5 – Large Senior 5
  • Stingray All Stars – Marietta, Georgia
    • Peach – Medium Senior 5
  • Top Gun – Miami, Florida
    • Large Coed – Large Coed 5
  • Twist & Shout – Norman, Oklahoma
    • Obsession – Medium Coed 5
  • Woodlands Elite – Houston, Texas
    • Generals – Small Senior 5
  • World Cup – Freehold, New Jersey
    • Shooting Stars – Large Senior 5
    • Odyssey – Medium Coed 5
    • Suns – Small Senior 5

Play-In Competitors (Senior & Coed 5 Only)

  • Allstar Athletics – Tinley Park, Illinois
    • Lucky 7 – Small Coed 5
  • Brandon All-stars – Brandon, Florida
    • Senior White – Small Senior 5
  • Cheer Athletics – Plano, Texas
    • Junglecats – Medium Senior 5
  • Cheer Extreme – Raleigh, North Carolina
    • Smoex – Medium Coed 5
  • CHEERFORCE – San Diego, California
    • Blackout – Medium Coed 5
  • Elite Cheer Michigan – Chesterfield, Michigan
    • Venom – Small Coed 5
  • Five Star Athletics – Reno, Nevada
    • Dream – Small Coed 5
  • Green Bay Elite – De Pere, Wisconsin
    • Lime – Small Senior 5
  • ICON Cheer – Springfield, Missouri
    • Envy – Small Coed 5
  • Louisiana Cheer Force – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    • Gold – Small Coed 5
  • Midwest Cheer Elite – West Chester, Ohio
    • Diamond Kats – Small Coed 5
    • Femme Feline – Medium Senior 5
  • OC All-Stars – Foothill Ranch, California
    • Black – Medium Senior 5
  • Oregon Dream Teams – Beaverton, Oregon
    • Dream – Medium Coed 5
  • Pacific Coast Magic – Murrieta, California
    • Fantasy – Small Senior 5
    • Mysterious – Small Coed 5
  • POWER – Sacramento, California
    • POWER Sacramento – Small Senior 5
  • Premier All-Stars – Farmingdale, New York
    • Lady Celebs – Small Senior 5
  • Reno Elite – Reno, Nevada
    • Teal – Small Coed 5
  • Top Gun All Stars – Miami, Florida
    • Lady Jags – Medium Senior 5
  • UltimateAllstars – Port St Lucie, Florida
    • Small Coed 5
  • Woodlands Elite – Houston, Texas
    • Black Ops – Medium Coed 5

Additional teams will be announced publicly as programs complete registration at

“We are so honored to be apart of such an amazing event for the second year in a row,” exclaims Orson Sykes, Owner of Twist & Shout. “To also have the opportunity to be in a movie as well as showcase the incredible athletes that are a part of our sport is just icing on the cake.”

Registration for The Nfinity Champions League will remain open to all levels until March 1, 2015. Levels 1-4 will compete for Level and Division Champions at The USC’s Galen Center and LA Sports Arena for the two-day competition with their registration fee including a reserved seat for Saturday night’s show. The new Worlds Score Sheet, established in collaboration with the USASF and the NACCC will be used at The Champions League Live event for all levels with a goal of establishing one scoring standard for All Star competition cheerleading.

Level 5 teams are invited to play-in to the competition on Saturday morning before movie rehearsal. Six spots are open to the highest scores from the morning to reach the live event movie filming on Saturday night.

Ticket Pre-Sales for The Nfinity Champions League will go on sale in Early 2015 with seating options for the show. Each athlete competing over the weekend will have reserve seating included in the registration cost to watch the filming and live show of CL2.

Showcasing their skills as a pre-show to the movie filming, the Junior Level 5 division will open up for The Champions League in March to showcase the most elite Junior Talent in the country.

One Sport. One Night. One Prom. The most elite athletes in cheer will take the red carpet in Los Angeles for this prestigious night in competitive cheerleading to kick off The Nfinity Champions League Prom presented by Cheer Life. All Level 5 athletes will be in attendance for this special night. Team members will walk the red carpet as the introduction to The Champions League movie filming and participants enjoy this formal night out with their friends and fellow competitors.

Twelve Days after the Champion is crowned, The Nfinity Champions League 2 will release to movie theatres nationwide on April 2, 2015.

Exclusive Sponsorship opportunities are available to companies interested in being a part of The Nfinity Champions League. Contact [email protected] for more information on how you can be a part of this prestigious event.

“We are thrilled with everything coming together for The Champions League event and truly excited to have Los Angeles as the host city for the West Coast,” exclaims Tammy Van Vleet, President of Aloha Productions. “Its amazing what this event has done to bring all of these programs together and contribute to the charities of their choice.”

About Nfinity

Nfinity Athletic, based Atlanta, Georgia, is a leader in providing innovative shoes, apparel and accessories for the female athlete. Nfinity has built a reputation as “The Official Shoe of Cheerleading” and is known for its use of technology and inventive approach to its products. Nfinity introduced the world’s first high-performance cheerleading shoe for women and was ranked 9th on Inc. magazine’s list of “Top 100 Consumer Product Companies.” Visit for more information.

About Aloha Productions

Aloha Productions produces over 30 prestigious cheerleading and dance events throughout the United States, which include Aloha Spirit Championships, Golden State Spirit Association (GSSA), The Cali Finale, The NATIONAL Championships, and The Nfinity Champions League. Visit or for more information.

Press Release – The Nfinity Champions League Reveals Programs and Teams Committed to CL2