Dynamic Duos – Are You Batman Or Robin?

John Greathouse published Dynamic Duos – Are You Batman Or Robin?, discussing the importance of having a partner, and the right partner, when starting a business.

Balance is one of the most important aspects of skiing. A solid foundation formed by two strong legs is key, especially at a competitive level. Balance is also an extremely important factor among a founding startup team.

Media: 6 Reasons Why Cheerleading Is a Real Sport

Mic published 6 Reasons Why Cheerleading Is a Real Sport, giving reasons for those not in agreement to reconsider.

Somehow we’re still talking about whether cheerleading is a sport or not. Many don’t seem convinced yet, including one federal appeals court which ruled in 2012 that colleges can’t claim that cheerleading fulfills Title IX requirements. From bros to the bench, there are more than enough skeptics, but 400,000 high school cheerleaders and counting would be happy to prove them wrong.

Media: Statistics Show Cheerleading Most Dangerous Female Sport

Examiner published Statistics Show Cheerleading Most Dangerous Female Sport, citing research from the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research from 1982 to 2010.

If you have a daughter that is interested in cheerleading, check out the program. Ask if the coach is trained, if there are trained medical trainers available during practices in case an injury does occur and take a look at the area your daughter will be practicing in. Make sure that the coach is qualified to be training the types of gymnastic moves that are now routinely used and that there is some sort of qualification system in place where cheerleaders must prove proficiency in one stunt before moving on to something more complicated. Making sure that the environment your daughter will be cheering in is safe will help to reduce the possibility of serious injury.

Team USA 2015 Tryout Information

USA CheerUSA Cheer posted Team USA tryout information on USACheer.net. Cheer team tryouts will be on January 19th in Orlando, but applications need to be turned in by January 5th. Coaches for the All Girl team will be Tony Nash, Savanna Sibley and Leighton Clarke and coaches for the Coed team will be LeRoy McCullough and Christa Grizzle.

The team that will represent Team USA Dance will be selected via video. The submission deadline is January 23rd and the team will be selected in February. The Dance director is Alysia Ulfers.

USASF: Parent How to’s for Athlete Membership

Glenda Broderick, the Southeast Regional Director for the USASF, sent the following email to coaches and gym owners in her region:

USASF LogoWe’ve added some new tools to our website to help you help your parents navigate through the Athlete Membership process.

Please share this link and URL with your parents. The how to documents posted here will show them how to enter new and returning athlete information, reset their password and upload birth certificates.

URL: http://usasf.net/members/athletes/parent-how-to/

I am here to help you in any way I can. To help me be more effective and available for you and the hundreds of coaches, owners and programs in our region, please direct your parents and athletes to this help page rather than to me for assistance. We will continue to provide how to information to you so that you can provide it to your parents. If you need assistance in the process, please contact me and we can schedule a call.

Thank you for your support of Athlete Membership and your assistance in making it a success for all members!

Challenger Cheerleaders Overcome Barriers

The San Benito County Today published Challenger Cheerleaders Overcome Barriers,

“I honestly believe this has been life altering for my two girls,” said Jackie, whose twins are autistic. “Julia has always been more quiet and reserved, and yet she’s blossomed before our eyes. She has trouble speaking, but she hums the words out loud. Cheerleading has really boosted her confidence and let her personality shine.

The 3 Things You Need to Do When You’ve Upset Your Customer

Entrepreneur published The 3 Things You Need to Do When You’ve Upset Your Customer, discussing how to make things right with a disgruntled customer.

Tom Peters, an expert on customer service excellence, revealed that simply taking care of the customer after you make a mistake is a major key to customer retention.