Competitive Cheerleading Club Offers Exercise, Friends

The Daily Athenaeum published Competitive Cheerleading Club Offers Exercise, Friends, discussing the club team at West Virginia University.

Despite the intensity, cheerleading is rewarding, according to the team. The performances they put on are finely choreographed, and the applause from the judges and adoration of the crowd is enough to drive these girls to strive to do their best.

Pro Cheerleading ‘Should be Abolished’

CBC News published Pro Cheerleading ‘Should be Abolished’, making a case for ending professional cheerleading.

It’s a sound argument. Many women’s pro-sports teams still struggle for recognition. Meanwhile, men’s leagues take centre stage, where women’s main job is to look good and entertain the crowd.

How To Mentally Prepare Yourself To Give The Performance Of Your Life

Forbes published How To Mentally Prepare Yourself To Give The Performance Of Your Life, discussing how to mentally prepare for a major performance.

So instead of imaging negative outcomes, Turner recommends using imagery (or visualization) in a positive manner. He suggests recreating past performances or rehearsing future performances in your head. The imagery should be made as realistic as possibly by including sights, sounds, feelings, and even smells. Visualize yourself performing well in an upcoming presentation, interview or pitch over and over again. Visualizing a successful performance instills confidence in your ability to perform at your best.

What Are NFL Cheerleaders Worth? Inside Their Fight for Minimum Wage

Business Week published What Are NFL Cheerleaders Worth? Inside Their Fight for Minimum Wage, taking a look at the NFL cheerleader disputes from a financial perspective.

As the plaintiffs pile on, fans are learning that the most powerful sports league in the U.S., with $9.7 billion in annual revenue, pays its sideline performers worse than the average birthday clown or barista. “It’s giving the league a black eye,” says Paul Secunda, a professor of labor law at Marquette University. “There’s no need for them to act this way.” The self-inflicted damage comes at a time when the league’s handling of a domestic violence case involving former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice isn’t helping its credibility with women.

Spotlight: Debbie Love

Cheer Professional published Spotlight: Debbie Love, profiling the amazing tumbling expert.

“I’m more concerned with athletes doing things right,” she says. “I don’t ever talk about winning. We talk about doing things right [and] hitting our routine, because eventually winning will take care of itself.”

Cheerleaders vs. NFL Teams: A Fair-Wage Fight

The Wall Street Journal published Cheerleaders vs. NFL Teams: A Fair-Wage Fight, discussing the ongoing wage disputes with NFL cheerleaders.

There is no professional organization for NFL cheerleaders, and they aren’t members of unions. Pay varies widely across the league. The Jets’ “Flight Crew” earned $150 a game last year, according to court papers. The Ben-Gals were paid $90 if they cheered on the field during last season’s games and $45 if they visited with fans elsewhere in the stadium. Lawsuits against those teams focus on the allegation that the women weren’t paid for rehearsal hours.