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Intense Sports Culture Can Cause Kids to Strike Out with Injuries

UK Now published Intense Sports Culture Can Cause Kids to Strike Out with Injuries, discussing injuries in youth sports.

To stay in the game, kids will keep quiet about the extent of an injury. While 42 percent of children admitted to downplaying an injury, only 27 percent of coaches reported their players hiding or downplaying an injury. Let kids know it’s okay to sit on the bench so they can avoid further injury to their body. Make sure the child who was injured receives release from their doctor to play a sport before getting back into the game.

Observations After Kentucky’s Summer Practice Week

Kentucky Cheerleading 2014-15

The 2014-15 squads during an America themed practice.

I spent most of the past week in Lexington, KY with the University of Kentucky cheerleaders during their summer practice week. It was interesting to see the new team practicing together for the first time and the new members get a crash course in being a Kentucky cheerleader. I also got to see how Jomo Thompson and the coaches run practice and talk to them about why things are done the way they do them. Surprising no one, the team is extremely talented and I look forward to seeing how they’ll progress toward nationals in January.

Watching the athletes that are new to college cheerleading learn flipping stunts and tosses and 2 1/2 high pyramids also gave me a chance to get more tips and tricks to share with those taking the USASF Level 6 courses. Troubleshooting with people genuinely learning these types of skills for the first time was a much more educational experience than sitting around a table talking about typical things that go wrong and how to fix them.


USASF LogoHappy Independence Day! We hope you have a great holiday weekend.

Varsity All Star published a Level Appropriate skills document that has been added to the Spirit Company Dropbox.

The USASF Regional Meeting in Atlanta is just over a week away. If you haven’t already registered, please do as soon as you can.

We’ve created a Spirit Company SoundCloud account to publish audio only versions of OverStretch. We also added the old episodes of the Spirit Lounge and Spirit Roundtable.

OverStretch – June 2, 2014

Observations After Kentucky Tryouts

Last weekend I judged cheerleading tryouts for my alma mater, the University of Kentucky. My main observation from the weekend is how competitive it currently is to be a girl trying out for one of the top competitive collegiate programs. Don’t get me wrong,  I thought the guys trying out were great and will keep Kentucky in a position to win another national championship, but the depth of girls that I felt could have been on Blue was at least twice that of the males. On average the girls have been tumbling, stunting, and cheering longer than the guys. In addition, the incoming freshmen girls tend to be more mature than the incoming freshmen guys, giving them an advantage in areas such as the interview, overall presence, and appearance.

The advice I woud give to people wanting to tryout in college is to start looking into the schools you want to attend early, early being spring of your sophomore year to fall of you junior year. Many of the competitive programs will have clinics that will help you get a feel for the school. Another option is to attend a practice of the squad. Most coaches will allow this with a little advance notice. Either of these will give you time to see what the program requires as well as time to work on the areas you are weaker. For many kids raised in All*Star gyms the weaker areas tend to be game day skills. The only real way to practice those it to cheer for your school. I suggest doing this at least 1 year in high school so this skills become natural, not just learned.

Also, be sure to look the part. I didn’t see many big bows or Nike Pros while I was in Lexington, and don’t think I saw any Soffe shorts while I was in Louisville the following couple days. Different programs operate their own way and you need to get a feel for their way prior to showing up for tryouts.


USASF LogoThe USASF released the Age Grid and Rules for 2014-15. Both can be found on USASFRules.com. In addition the deadline for submitting suggestions for the 2015-17 cycle has been extended through May.

Jammy and Varsity announced they’ll be using a Unified Score Sheet beginning next season. This is not the same as the Universal Score Sheet the NACCC is working on for the 2015-16 season.

Varsity announced the Summit bid events for the 2014-15 season. The list can be found on Varsity All Star.

OverStretch – May 14, 2014

Inside the UK Cheerleading Dynasty

KSTV profiled the University of Kentucky cheerleading program.

Inside Cheerleading and Cheer Biz News Magazines Celebrate 10th Anniversary!

ATLANTA, Ga., January 31, 2014 – Inside Cheerleading and Cheer Biz News magazines are kicking-off a year-long celebration to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of both magazines! Throughout 2014, the special milestone will be celebrated with promotions, a look-back series in the magazines and events to mark the momentous occasion!

iC Premier CoverI remember like yesterday traveling to Lexington, Kentucky for the photo shoot for our premiere issue of Inside Cheerleading (pictured right) which featured cheerleaders from Morehead State, Kentucky and Louisville,” says Chris Korotky, President of Inside Publications. “Our goal was – and continues to be – producing the most informative, entertaining, and relevant magazines for the passionate cheer community. The response from day one was overwhelming and I’m proud of the incredible work our amazing team has done through the years, thankful for our advertising partners who we count as friends, and humbled by the way cheerleaders, coaches and industry members have embraced our publications.”

The celebration will include a jam-packed slate of activities, promotions, events and special features in the magazine. We will be criss-crossing the country in a special “Anniversary Edition” of our annual Road Trip, meeting readers at competitions and camps coast to coast. At these events, we will be selling a special limited edition, collector’s 10th Anniversary trading pin as well. Special promotions through our social media outlets, which now have more than 300,000 Followers, will also mark the occasion.

iC 10th AnniversaryThe April issue of Inside Cheerleading will also be a special commemorative edition of the magazine, celebrating the Anniversary with a look back at some of the most popular features and photos from the last decade.

Cheer Biz News, also launched in 2004, was acquired by Inside Publications in 2012 and will have its own slate of Anniversary features throughout the year. We’re also inviting industry members from all segments to share some of their highlights from the cheer world over the past 10 years to include in the lineup!

In addition to Inside Cheerleading and Cheer Biz News, Inside Publications’ family of titles also includes Inside Gymnastics, Inside Volleyball, The Cheerleading Coach’s Handbook (Annual), The Cheer and Dance Worlds Commemorative Issue (Annual) and The Gymnastics Coach’s Resource Guide (Annual). The company is also launching the new magazine Inside Dance this quarter.

“We’re definitely going to celebrate this milestone all year long,” exclaimed Shane Womack, Vice President of Inside Publications. “It’s truly amazing to see how much cheerleading, as well as the magazines, have grown and developed over the last 10 years. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will hold for both the magazines and the sport!”

UCA College Nationals 2012

UCA College Nationals took on January 13-15 in Orlando, FL.

UCA LogoCheer National Champions

  • Large Coed, Division 1A – University of Kentucky
  • Large Coed, Division 1 – Morehead State University
  • Large Coed, Division 2 – Northwest Missouri State University
  • All Girl, Division 1 – Indiana University
  • All Girl, Division 2 – University of West Georgia
  • Small Coed, Division 1 – Hofstra University
  • Small Coed, Division 2 – Wilmington University
  • Junior College – Shelton State Community College

Dance National Champions

  • Hip Hop, Division 1A – University of Memphis
  • Hip Hop, Division 1 – Hofstra University
  • Hip Hop, Open – Lindenwood University
  • Jazz, Division 1A – University of Minnesota
  • Jazz, Division 1 – California State University – Fullerton
  • Jazz, Open – University of Saint Thomas
  • Pom, Division 1A – University of Minnesota
  • Pom, Division 1 – North Dakota State University
  • Pom, Open – Orange Coast College

Specialty National Champions

  • Mascot, Division 1A – Auburn University “Aubie”
  • Mascot, Open – University of Delaware “YoUDee”
  • Partner Stunt, Coed – Stephen F. Austin State University (Alli & Alec)
  • Partner Stunt, All Girl – University of Louisville (Meghan, Megan, Katie & Kaysie)

Cheerleading Brings National Title Back to Bluegrass

Cat Scratches published Cheerleading Brings National Title Back to Bluegrass.

Kentucky’s difficult routine was not without a couple mistakes, but the fact that the Cats were able to perform in a high-pressure situation makes them deserving champions. While most athletic teams have dozens of chances to compete and hone their craft, the cheerleading title is decided in one weekend and just a few routines.