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Inside Cheerleading and Cheer Biz News Magazines Celebrate 10th Anniversary!

ATLANTA, Ga., January 31, 2014 – Inside Cheerleading and Cheer Biz News magazines are kicking-off a year-long celebration to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of both magazines! Throughout 2014, the special milestone will be celebrated with promotions, a look-back series in the magazines and events to mark the momentous occasion!

iC Premier CoverI remember like yesterday traveling to Lexington, Kentucky for the photo shoot for our premiere issue of Inside Cheerleading (pictured right) which featured cheerleaders from Morehead State, Kentucky and Louisville,” says Chris Korotky, President of Inside Publications. “Our goal was – and continues to be – producing the most informative, entertaining, and relevant magazines for the passionate cheer community. The response from day one was overwhelming and I’m proud of the incredible work our amazing team has done through the years, thankful for our advertising partners who we count as friends, and humbled by the way cheerleaders, coaches and industry members have embraced our publications.”

The celebration will include a jam-packed slate of activities, promotions, events and special features in the magazine. We will be criss-crossing the country in a special “Anniversary Edition” of our annual Road Trip, meeting readers at competitions and camps coast to coast. At these events, we will be selling a special limited edition, collector’s 10th Anniversary trading pin as well. Special promotions through our social media outlets, which now have more than 300,000 Followers, will also mark the occasion.

iC 10th AnniversaryThe April issue of Inside Cheerleading will also be a special commemorative edition of the magazine, celebrating the Anniversary with a look back at some of the most popular features and photos from the last decade.

Cheer Biz News, also launched in 2004, was acquired by Inside Publications in 2012 and will have its own slate of Anniversary features throughout the year. We’re also inviting industry members from all segments to share some of their highlights from the cheer world over the past 10 years to include in the lineup!

In addition to Inside Cheerleading and Cheer Biz News, Inside Publications’ family of titles also includes Inside Gymnastics, Inside Volleyball, The Cheerleading Coach’s Handbook (Annual), The Cheer and Dance Worlds Commemorative Issue (Annual) and The Gymnastics Coach’s Resource Guide (Annual). The company is also launching the new magazine Inside Dance this quarter.

“We’re definitely going to celebrate this milestone all year long,” exclaimed Shane Womack, Vice President of Inside Publications. “It’s truly amazing to see how much cheerleading, as well as the magazines, have grown and developed over the last 10 years. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will hold for both the magazines and the sport!”

UCA College Nationals 2012

UCA College Nationals took on January 13-15 in Orlando, FL.

UCA LogoCheer National Champions

  • Large Coed, Division 1A – University of Kentucky
  • Large Coed, Division 1 – Morehead State University
  • Large Coed, Division 2 – Northwest Missouri State University
  • All Girl, Division 1 – Indiana University
  • All Girl, Division 2 – University of West Georgia
  • Small Coed, Division 1 – Hofstra University
  • Small Coed, Division 2 – Wilmington University
  • Junior College – Shelton State Community College

Dance National Champions

  • Hip Hop, Division 1A – University of Memphis
  • Hip Hop, Division 1 – Hofstra University
  • Hip Hop, Open – Lindenwood University
  • Jazz, Division 1A – University of Minnesota
  • Jazz, Division 1 – California State University – Fullerton
  • Jazz, Open - University of Saint Thomas
  • Pom, Division 1A – University of Minnesota
  • Pom, Division 1 - North Dakota State University
  • Pom, Open - Orange Coast College

Specialty National Champions

  • Mascot, Division 1A – Auburn University “Aubie”
  • Mascot, Open – University of Delaware “YoUDee”
  • Partner Stunt, Coed – Stephen F. Austin State University (Alli & Alec)
  • Partner Stunt, All Girl – University of Louisville (Meghan, Megan, Katie & Kaysie)

Cheerleading Brings National Title Back to Bluegrass

Cat Scratches published Cheerleading Brings National Title Back to Bluegrass.

Kentucky’s difficult routine was not without a couple mistakes, but the fact that the Cats were able to perform in a high-pressure situation makes them deserving champions. While most athletic teams have dozens of chances to compete and hone their craft, the cheerleading title is decided in one weekend and just a few routines.

Things I Wish I Knew as a Young Coach

When I started teaching camps for UCA the summer after high school I was leaving an All*Star team that I had won back to back NCA and UCA titles with and just made the Wildcat squad, now known as the Blue squad, at the University of Kentucky. I thought I knew a thing or two about cheerleading, and I probably did from a participant point of view, but I didn’t know anything about being a teacher. Fortunately I was given a very important tip by my first head instructor.

It’s not about what you can do, it’s all about what you can get these kids to do.

That head instructor was Les Stella and that tip made me realize my role had changed. It was no longer about me and was all about the kids. That was, and still is, the first step in becoming a good coach. Nowadays, if I’m put in the position to talk to young coaches and instructors I let them know that and there 5 additional things I tell them that I wish I knew when I was getting started:

  1. Kids won’t do anything for you until they think you care about them. Once they know you care about them they will do anything for you. This is incredibly true for little kids, but applies to kids of all ages.
  2. Don’t say too much at once. Athletes are limited in the number of things they can focus on while executing a skill, so don’t tell them so much as to exceed that limit. I think the limit is 3 things, so I try not to give athletes more than 2 things to think about when teaching, and when I can I limit it to 1.
  3. Say what to do instead of saying what not to do. The only things you want in their head are the things they need to do. If you tell an athlete “Don’t throw your head back” it will turn into “throw your head back” by the time they try the skill. You’ll get better results by making your athletes think about the Do’s instead of the Don’ts.
  4. You are going to get sued. If that scares you stop now. If that doesn’t scare you get in the habit of keeping good documentation so you win when you get sued. I may have overstated the likelihood of you getting sued, but I can’t overstate the importance of keeping good documentation of the progression of you kids.
  5. At the end of your coaching career if you look back and realize you have only taught your kids how to stunt, tumble, basket, pyramid, and dance, you have failed them as a coach. As a coach you need to be a mentor and a role model and teach your kids more than the skills they perform on the mat. If you don’t, you have failed.

What do you wish you were told as a young coach and what do you tell young coaches?

Inside Cheerleading: 2011 Collegiate All American Team

ATLANTA, GEORGIA- Inside Cheerleading Magazine is proud to announce the 2011 Collegiate All-American Team, featuring some of the most talented collegiate cheerleaders in the country. Each year, Inside Cheerleading Magazine names the team after evaluating nominations from college cheerleading coaches coast to coast. The recipients of the recognition are featured in the current issue (June/July 2011) of Inside Cheerleading.

“We are so excited to honor a group of collegiate athletes who represent the highest standards,” says Shane Womack Director of Marketing for Inside Cheerleading. “It’s no easy task to narrow the selections down to the twenty cheerleaders who best exemplify the all-around collegiate image.”

The current issue of Inside Cheerleading Magazine that features the Collegiate All-American team can be purchased on newsstands around the country and at insidecheerleading.com. We congratulate the members of Inside Cheerleading Magazine’s 2011 Collegiate All-American Team!

Inside Cheerleading Magazine’s 2011 Collegiate All-American Team:

  • Inside Cheerleading Collegiate All American TeamAdrianna Rodriguez, University of Delaware
    • notable: 2nd place at nationals for the past three years
  • Aleksandar Kociski, Hofstra University
    • notable: three-time national champion
  • Ryan Martin, University of Alabama
    • notable: UCA High School and College National Champion
  • Austin West, Morehead State
    • notable: high school and college national champion
  • Bethany Jackson, Stephen F. Austin
    • notable: GSSA All-State Team Cheerleader of the Year
  • Caitlin Seabrook, University of Alabama
    • notable: 2011 Divison IA National Champion
  • Cortney Laughlin, Columbus State
    • notable: two UCA national titles, Team USA All Girl World Champion
  • Danielle Walden, UCF
    • notable: 2009-2011 nationals team member
  • Emily Hamblin, Avila University
    • notable: ranked 1st nationally in seven competitions
  • Gary Goforth, Columbus State University
    • notable: 2011 UCA Partner Stunt Champion
  • Jonesheia Hall, Morehead State
    • notable: two-time UCA All-Girl Division I National Champions
  • Kelsey Collins, LSU
    • notable: 2010-2011 nationals team member
  • Macey Cooley, Shelton State
    • notable: 2011 UCA National Champion
  • Kristen Fischer, Indiana University
    • notable: UCA College Nationals All-girl Division I runner-up
  • Megan Trammell, University of Georgia
    • notable: UGA cheerleading captain
  • Sarah Masters, University of Kentucky
    • notable: two-time UCA National Champion Division 1A
  • Savannah Sibley, Hawaii Pacific University
    • notable: three-time NCA National Champion
  • Shawna Lykins, San Diego State University
    • notable: three-time USA Collegiate National Champion
  • Stacey Piatek, San Diego State University
    • notable: three-time USA All-girl Division 1 National Champion
  • Olivia Rink, University of Kentucky
    • notable: 2010 UCA National Champion

About Inside Cheerleading magazine

Inside Cheerleading Magazine is a bi-monthly publication for today’s cheerleader, coach, gym owner, and industry member. Featuring the inside scoop on cheerleading with in-depth articles, behind-the-scenes competition coverage, profiles of programs, product reviews, and the latest news, iC is the source for all things cheer. Inside Cheerleading is produced by Inside Publications, which also publishes Inside Gymnastics magazine and Inside Volleyball magazine.

Inside Cheerleading 2011 Collegiate All American Team

USA Cheer: Team USA Coaching Staff and Training Facility for 2011 Announced

Dallas, Texas will be home base for the 2010-2011 Team USA athletes.

Memphis, Tenn. (September 2010) – USA cheer has announced the coaching staff and training facility for Team USA’s 2010-2011’s season.

Sherry Cooney will return as head coach for the all girl team for Team USA, with Tony Nash as the assistant coach. Cooney has National Championships as an athlete and coach. She has coached teams at George Mason University and the University of West Georgia, and is also a certifier for the safety organization, AACCA. Nash, former coach for the National Champion Morehead State University team, is the current coach of the all girl team at Indiana University, and is joining the Team USA coaching staff for his third year.

David McDowell will be the head coach for the coed team for the second year in a row after leading the team to a world championship in 2010. McDowell, a former National Champion at the University of Kentucky, has more than 10 years of coaching experience and is the current coach at the University of Alabama. Leroy McCullough, coach for Oklahoma State University’s spirit squads, who won two National Championships under his leadership, will serve as assistant coach.

Choreography responsibilities for the teams will be shared by Brad Habermel and Justin Carrier. Habermel, a former University of Louisville cheerleader is co-owner of Cheer Athletics, and has choreographed routines for teams all over the world, as well as bowl games and the served on the 1996 Olympics Opening Ceremonies choreography team. Carrier cheered at University of North Texas and has choreographed routines for dozens of championship high school, all star and college teams. He was recently inducted into the USASF Hall of Fame for his contributions to the all star cheerleading community.

“We are excited to be working with this first class team of coaches,” says Bill Seely, Executive Director of USA Cheer, the governing body of cheerleading in the United States. “They are some of the best coaches our sport has to offer in training and fostering well rounded athletes from every segment of cheerleading.”

The training headquarters for Team USA this year will be at Champion Cheer, owned by Jennifer Graham and James Johnson. “The entire Champion Cheer family is so excited to host Team USA,” says Graham. “Training side by side with the best cheerleaders in the nation will be a true inspiration for our athletes. We are honored to support Team USA as they go for the gold!”

Team USA will compete against teams from more than 60 other countries from around the world in April 2011 at the ICU World Championships in Orlando, Florida. Over the last two years, Team USA has taken home 11 gold medals and one silver. Cheerleaders interested in trying out for the team can visit the USA Cheer website at http://usacheer.net for more information.

About USA Cheer

The USA Federation for Sport Cheering is a not-for profit organization and is the national governing body for all disciplines of cheerleading. USA Cheer exists to serve the entire cheer community, including club cheering (All Star), traditional school based cheer programs and the new sport of “Stunt.” USA Cheer has three primary objectives: help grow and develop interest and participation in Cheer throughout the United States; promote safety and safety education for cheer in the United States; and represent the United States of America in international cheer competitions.

For more information, contact Sheila Noone at 901-251-5959.

Team USA Coaching Staff and Training Facility for 2011 Announced