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The College STUNT Association Announces Season Four All Americans

Memphis, Tenn., (May 5, 2014) – The College STUNT Association, under the leadership of USA Cheer, has announced this season’s All Americans.

College Stunt LogoThis year’s STUNT All Americans were selected by a committee of coaches from various regions along with several STUNT officials. Nominees for All American are athletes who exhibited superior skills and techniques as well as a good game sense and knowledge of STUNT, as well as be in good academic standing. They also needed to have participated in at least half of the games or tournaments for at least 50 percent of the routines.

“We continue to be extremely impressed with the athleticism of our STUNT All Americans,” says Bill Seely, Executive Director of USA Cheer. “They played a major role in the success of their teams and represented our sport with dignity and grace. As STUNT progresses, we are proud to salute the talented athletes who make up our sport.”

Twenty-four First Team All Americans were chosen for the 2014 season of STUNT, along with 24 Second Team All Americans and 20 Honorable Mentions; a full list can be found on http://collegestunt.org.

First Team STUNT All Americans

  • Michele Bayer, Cal Poly
  • Alicia Clifton, Oklahoma City University
  • Hayley Cox, Texas A&M
  • Kayla Crawford, Oklahoma City University
  • Kaley Croke, University of Central Oklahoma
  • Amanda Cuccinello, University of Delaware
  • Taylor Delozier, University of Oklahoma
  • Jackie Fabricatore, University of Delaware
  • Kerissa Garlick, Sacramento State University
  • Brittani Hanna, Oklahoma City University
  • Sydney Lewis, Texas A&M
  • Halie Lindberg, Oklahoma State University
  • Sarah Montreuil, Davenport University
  • Karlee Morton, Oklahoma City University
  • Tiara Paisley, Davenport University
  • Marlana Pierson, Menlo College
  • Kylie Quinn, University of Central Oklahoma
  • Carreline Register, Florida State University
  • Mary Seals, Alma College
  • Kaitlyn Sexton, Hofstra University
  • Brianne Shafer, Alma College
  • Samantha Smith, Oklahoma State University
  • Paige Thornton, Michigan State University
  • Char Walton, Davenport University

The College STUNT Association Announces Season Four All Americans

USA Cheer: Stunt Wraps Up Season with Championship, Awards

University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University take home titles.

USA CheerMemphis, Tenn., March 27, 2014 – STUNT, the new title IX sport derived from cheer and launched by USA Cheer, held its fourth annual National STUNT Championship this weekend in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with three teams in Division I and four in Division II.

The Division I National Champions are from Oklahoma State University, who beat the University of Oklahoma in the finals. The University of Delaware also competed in Division I.

The Division II National Champions are from the University of Central Oklahoma, who beat out Davenport University. Other competing teams included Oklahoma City University and Alma College.

At the Championship, awards were also bestowed on standout coaches and an administrator, whose support helped move the sport forward. From Oklahoma State University, Dave Martin was named Administrator of the Year. The Division I Coach of the Year was awarded to Ben Schreiber from the University of Delaware, and the Division II Coach of the Year was awarded to Michelle Sabourin from Alma College.

Final games wrapped up on the West Coast as well, with six teams competing in two days of games.

“This year, STUNT continued to grow and evolve and we couldn’t be more proud of the teams that competed throughout the season,” says Bill Seely, Executive Director of USA Cheer, which worked with experts from both the cheer, sport and Title IX communities to launch the new format in 2010. “We owe the success of STUNT to the enthusiasm of the coaches and administrators who participated and to the athletes, who spread the word about competing in this new sport for female athletes.”

STUNT has successfully met the minimum requirements set by NCAA for the Emerging Sport application process for the last four years, which is unparalleled in the world of sport.

For more information, visit www.usacheer.net or www.collegestunt.org or contact Sheila Noone at 901-251-5959 or [email protected].

Stunt Wraps Up Season with Championship, Awards

Observations After Event 16 of 2013-14

Event 16 took me to Florida for the 2nd time this year. I worked the warmup room so I didn’t get to see many performances, but it’s always interesting to see the different approaches to warming up. Truthfully it’s not about which approach a team chooses, it’s more that some teams have one while others appear to be making it up as they go. As I said, I didn’t see many teams perform, but I imagine I know which route most of the successful performances went.

I don’t have much to say on the rules side of things, but want to toss out an idea. How about crowd sourcing deductions and rules? For example, each team in the division could have a representative report deductions and rules violations in other performances to the judges stand. From there an event representative would verify the deductions reported and they would become official. This would likely put more eyes looking for deductions and unintentionally lead to more people learning the rules so they could report other teams. Several kinks need to be thought out to minimize inaccurate reporting, but is the idea worth exploring?


USA CheerCongratulations to Top Gun Large Coed for winning the Varsity Triple Crown and Memphis Elite (Level 4) and Stingrays (Levels 1-3) for winning the associated points race.

Good luck to Delaware, Florida State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Alma College, Central Oklahoma, Davenport, and Oklahoma City, who will be competing at the College Stunt National Championship in Oklahoma City this weekend.

We are down to the final four Cheer Worlds bid events with USA being the only one this weekend.

Also, remember submissions for the USASF Chairman’s Cup Award are due on March 31st and you can now reserve practice space at Worlds.

UCA College Nationals 2012

UCA College Nationals took on January 13-15 in Orlando, FL.

UCA LogoCheer National Champions

  • Large Coed, Division 1A – University of Kentucky
  • Large Coed, Division 1 – Morehead State University
  • Large Coed, Division 2 – Northwest Missouri State University
  • All Girl, Division 1 – Indiana University
  • All Girl, Division 2 – University of West Georgia
  • Small Coed, Division 1 – Hofstra University
  • Small Coed, Division 2 – Wilmington University
  • Junior College – Shelton State Community College

Dance National Champions

  • Hip Hop, Division 1A – University of Memphis
  • Hip Hop, Division 1 – Hofstra University
  • Hip Hop, Open – Lindenwood University
  • Jazz, Division 1A – University of Minnesota
  • Jazz, Division 1 – California State University – Fullerton
  • Jazz, Open – University of Saint Thomas
  • Pom, Division 1A – University of Minnesota
  • Pom, Division 1 – North Dakota State University
  • Pom, Open – Orange Coast College

Specialty National Champions

  • Mascot, Division 1A – Auburn University “Aubie”
  • Mascot, Open – University of Delaware “YoUDee”
  • Partner Stunt, Coed – Stephen F. Austin State University (Alli & Alec)
  • Partner Stunt, All Girl – University of Louisville (Meghan, Megan, Katie & Kaysie)

Inside Cheerleading: 2011 Collegiate All American Team

ATLANTA, GEORGIA- Inside Cheerleading Magazine is proud to announce the 2011 Collegiate All-American Team, featuring some of the most talented collegiate cheerleaders in the country. Each year, Inside Cheerleading Magazine names the team after evaluating nominations from college cheerleading coaches coast to coast. The recipients of the recognition are featured in the current issue (June/July 2011) of Inside Cheerleading.

“We are so excited to honor a group of collegiate athletes who represent the highest standards,” says Shane Womack Director of Marketing for Inside Cheerleading. “It’s no easy task to narrow the selections down to the twenty cheerleaders who best exemplify the all-around collegiate image.”

The current issue of Inside Cheerleading Magazine that features the Collegiate All-American team can be purchased on newsstands around the country and at insidecheerleading.com. We congratulate the members of Inside Cheerleading Magazine’s 2011 Collegiate All-American Team!

Inside Cheerleading Magazine’s 2011 Collegiate All-American Team:

  • Inside Cheerleading Collegiate All American TeamAdrianna Rodriguez, University of Delaware
    • notable: 2nd place at nationals for the past three years
  • Aleksandar Kociski, Hofstra University
    • notable: three-time national champion
  • Ryan Martin, University of Alabama
    • notable: UCA High School and College National Champion
  • Austin West, Morehead State
    • notable: high school and college national champion
  • Bethany Jackson, Stephen F. Austin
    • notable: GSSA All-State Team Cheerleader of the Year
  • Caitlin Seabrook, University of Alabama
    • notable: 2011 Divison IA National Champion
  • Cortney Laughlin, Columbus State
    • notable: two UCA national titles, Team USA All Girl World Champion
  • Danielle Walden, UCF
    • notable: 2009-2011 nationals team member
  • Emily Hamblin, Avila University
    • notable: ranked 1st nationally in seven competitions
  • Gary Goforth, Columbus State University
    • notable: 2011 UCA Partner Stunt Champion
  • Jonesheia Hall, Morehead State
    • notable: two-time UCA All-Girl Division I National Champions
  • Kelsey Collins, LSU
    • notable: 2010-2011 nationals team member
  • Macey Cooley, Shelton State
    • notable: 2011 UCA National Champion
  • Kristen Fischer, Indiana University
    • notable: UCA College Nationals All-girl Division I runner-up
  • Megan Trammell, University of Georgia
    • notable: UGA cheerleading captain
  • Sarah Masters, University of Kentucky
    • notable: two-time UCA National Champion Division 1A
  • Savannah Sibley, Hawaii Pacific University
    • notable: three-time NCA National Champion
  • Shawna Lykins, San Diego State University
    • notable: three-time USA Collegiate National Champion
  • Stacey Piatek, San Diego State University
    • notable: three-time USA All-girl Division 1 National Champion
  • Olivia Rink, University of Kentucky
    • notable: 2010 UCA National Champion

About Inside Cheerleading magazine

Inside Cheerleading Magazine is a bi-monthly publication for today’s cheerleader, coach, gym owner, and industry member. Featuring the inside scoop on cheerleading with in-depth articles, behind-the-scenes competition coverage, profiles of programs, product reviews, and the latest news, iC is the source for all things cheer. Inside Cheerleading is produced by Inside Publications, which also publishes Inside Gymnastics magazine and Inside Volleyball magazine.

Inside Cheerleading 2011 Collegiate All American Team

UCA College Nationals 2011

UCA College Nationals took place on January 14-16 at Walt Disney World in Florida. Champions are listed below.

Event Page

Division 1A & 1

  • Division 1A Large Coed – University of Alabama
  • Division 1A Hip Hop – University of Memphis
  • Division 1A Jazz – University of Minnesota – Minneapolis
  • Division 1A Pom – University of Minnesota – Minneapolis
  • Division 1 Large Coed – Morehead State University
  • Division 1 Small Coed – Hofstra University
  • Division 1 All Girl – Morehead State University
  • Division 1 Hip Hop – University of Delaware
  • Division 1 Jazz – California State University – Fullerton
  • Division 1 Pom – University of Northern Iowa
  • Mascot – University of Minnesota – Minneapolis “Goldy Gopher”

Division II & Junior College

  • Division II Large Coed – University of West Georgia
  • Division II Small Coed – Columbus State University
  • Division II All Girl – University of West Georgia
  • Junior College – Shelton State Community College

Open & Partner Stunt

  • Open Hip Hop – University of Saint Thomas
  • Open Jazz – Orange Coast College
  • Open Pom – Orange Coast College
  • Open Mascot – University of Delaware “YoUDee”
  • Coed Partner Stunt – Columbus State University – Ali Anderson & Tommy Goforth
  • All Girl Partner Stunt – Morehead State University – Krista Sanders, Mallory Mingus, Ashley Benjamin & Izzy Glinski