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The JAM Brands…Focus on Excellence!

The JAM Brands is announcing that it has made a strategic decision to concentrate the company’s efforts and resources on what it views as its core competency, conducting outstanding events. We believe we can best serve our customers and employees by focusing on and investing in what we do best. As part of this decision, we have decided to discontinue our involvement in the uniform business and have therefore divested our interest in Spirit Innovations.

The JAM BrandsThe JAM Brands runs many of the largest and best events in the country. An example being the recent JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals with over 550 teams competing. We feel our strength is being creative, and we strive to make each event the best it can be. Creating and producing new event concepts such as The MAJORS and The U.S. Finals are examples of how The JAM Brands continues to take competition to a new level.

We look forward to providing cheerleaders and dancers all over the world with the very best competition experience!

The JAM Brands…Focus on Excellence!

Spirit Innovations and Varsity

VarsityWe are pleased to announce that Spirit Innovations will now operate as part of the Varsity Spirit Fashion division. Varsity has been an innovator and leader in spirit fashion since 1974, and joining the Varsity team is an exciting new opportunity for SI.

Integrating our cheer and dance knowledge into Varsity and sharing best practices will allow us, ultimately, to better serve you. We look forward to working collaboratively with the team at Varsity to continue to grow cheer and dance as a whole and to provide leading edge products and apparel.

National Advisory Board Nominees

The NAB is the democratically elected Board within the USASF that determines the agenda for the organization moving forward. Virtually every major initiative of the USASF in the past 5 years started with, or was significantly improved by, the work of the NAB.

USASF LogoThere was a primary election this year because of the large number (64) of nominated and qualified candidates. With 880 total votes cast, the election was very close in every race.

Please join me in congratulating the finalists for election to the USASF National Advisory Board (NAB).

Midwest Region:

  • Nicki Baker – Nebraska Cheer Center
  • Keith Johnston – N.E.O. Cheer & Dance
  • Michelle Reisdorf – Ultimate Athletics

West Region:

  • Amy Grey – Desert Elite
  • Raul Lerma – Nor Cal Elite
  • Derick Paterson – Cheergyms.com

Northeast Region:

  • Tara Cain – Maryland Twisters
  • Lee Grobstein – Star Athletics
  • Tim Morgan – USA! All Stars

Southeast Region:

  • Kyle Bright – Stingray All Stars
  • Cory Hines – Top Gun All Stars
  • Sean Sutton – CheerForce One

Southwest Region:

  • Brad Habermel – Cheer Athletics
  • Erin Johnson – Spring Creek Athletics
  • David Urmie – Tribe Cheer


  • Dawnn Doychak – First Friday
  • Kevin Jones – Spirit Innovations
  • Jason Silverman – Powerful Words
  • Shane Womack – Inside Cheerleading

Event Producers:

  • Craig Davis – World Spirit Federation
  • Darren DeMoss – WSA
  • Matt Goto – Varsity All-Star/USA
  • Karen Halterman – NCA/NDA
  • Ann Lehrmann – Cheer & Dance Extreme
  • Tres LeTard – Varsity All-Star
  • Mike Pare – Spirit Cheer
  • Tara Patton – The JAM Brands
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Rossetti – Americheer
  • Mike Stamper – American Cheer & Dance Academy (ACDA)

Voting will begin on Monday, January 9th and close at 5 pm PST on Wednesday, January 25th.

Recognizing the strong qualifications and desire of every candidate to contribute to the USASF , those not voted to the NAB will be invited to participate on their USASF Regional Advisory Board (RAB) charged with guiding the implementation of important USASF programs locally.

Jim Chadwick


SITA Elects New Chairperson, Treasurer and Board of Directors Members

The Spirit Industry Trade Association (SITA) has announced Mike Pare of Spirit Cheer, UCA All Star, and the University of Central Florida, has been elected Chairperson for 2011 and Liz Rossetti of AmeriCheer, AmeriDance, and NLCC has been elected Treasurer. Lynn Singer of Spirit Innovations continues to serve as Vice-Chairperson and Valerie Ninemire will continue as Secretary.

JAM Brands Acquire’s America’s Best and Spirit Innovations

JAM Brands has announced the acquisition of America’s Best & Spirit Innovations.

JAM Brands Acquires America’s Best and Spirit Innovations