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USASF Announces National Advisory Board Election Results

Congratulations to the five new coach members, five new event producer members and two new affiliate members that will serve a two year term on the NAB. USASF National Advisory Board elections were held January 28-31, 2014. All USASF Professional Members were eligible to vote.

USASF LogoCoaches

  • Tanya Roesel, Midwest Cheer Elite, OH
  • Lee Grobstein, Star Athletics, NJ
  • Sean Sutton, Cheer Force One, AL
  • Jennifer Graham, Champion Cheer, TX
  • Derick Patterson, Cheergyms.com, CA

Event Producers

  • Ann Lehrmann, Cheer and Dance Extreme
  • Renee Smith, United Cheer
  • Jim Hill, One Up
  • Tres LeTard, Varsity All Star
  • Brandi Sims, JAM Brands


  • Daniel Allen, CheerBandz
  • Shane Womack, Inside Cheerleading/Cheer Biz News/Inside Dance

Meet the NAB members now

What Does the National Advisory Board Do?

The NAB is democratically elected to support athletes and members by addressing emerging issues of broad potential impact and developing policies for the organization when needed. The NAB also selects the annual recipient of the Chairman’s Cup award presented at the VIP Gala at the Cheerleading and Dance Worlds. The NAB has helped develop USASF initiatives including:

  • Athlete ID
  • Career and Professional Membership
  • Professional Responsibility Code
  • Disciplinary Process
  • USASF Mentoring Leaders Program

USASF National Advisory Board Election Candidates

National Advisory Board (NAB) Elections are now open and close at midnight PST on Friday, January 31st. You must be USASF Professional Members with a green light background check to be eligible to vote. Everyone eligible will be able to vote in the Coach and Affiliate election. In addition, Event Producers have designated a representative that can vote on behalf of the company in the Event Producer and Affiliate elections and Affiliates have designated one representative for the company that can vote in the Affiliate election. The candidates are listed below and more information about each can be found on USASF.net.

USASF LogoMidwest Coach Candidates

  • Darlene Fanning (ICE)
  • Lisa Hemmie (Premier Athletics Michigan)
  • Tanya Roesel (Midwest Cheer Elite)

Northeast Coach Candidates

  • Lee Grobstein (Star Athletics)
  • Denise Olwenik (Keystone Extreme All Stars)
  • Ashley Panaia (Keystone Extreme All Stars)
  • Michele Ziegler (SubZero All Stars)

Southeast Coach Candidates

  • Shane Sharpe (High Fly All Stars)
  • Sean Sutton (Cheer Force One)

Southwest Coach Candidates

  • Jennifer Graham (Champion Cheer)

West Coach Candidates

  • Lynelle Blum (Champion Cheer Athletics)
  • Derick Patterson (Cheergyms.com)

Event Producer Candidates

  • Jim Hill (One Up Championships)
  • Ann Lehrmann (Cheer and Dance Extreme)
  • Tres LeTard (Varsity All Star)
  • Jessica Moore (Spirit Solutions)
  • Brandi Sims (The JAM Brands)
  • Renee Smith (United Cheer)

Affiliate Candidates

  • Daniel Allen (CheerBandz, LLC)
  • Carla Baker (Performance Designs, Inc.)
  • Shane Womack (Inside Cheerleading/CheerBiz News/Inside Dance)

USASF Regional Meetings 2013

USASF LogoDon’t Miss the 2013 USASF Regional Meetings Where You Can:

  • SHARE ideas in sessions designed specifically for USASF member input.
  • CONNECT with coaches, program owners, business advisors, industry experts and USASF leaders.
  • UNITE in our common mission of supporting our athletes and all members and strengthening the USASF community.

Cheer Featured Speakers

Connect with and be inspired by these amazing industry leaders:

  • Midwest (Chicago, IL): Happy Hooper, ACE Cheer Company
  • Northeast (Philadelphia, PA): Orson Sykes, Twist and Shout
  • Southeast (Atlanta, GA): Kristen Rosario, Top Gun All Stars
  • Southwest (Dallas, TX): Tanya Roesel, Midwest Cheer Elite
  • West (Costa Mesa, CA): Brett Hansen, Spirit of Texas

Dance Coach Credentialing and Judge Certification

Dance Coach Credentialing, Safety Judge Certification and Panel Judge Certification will be offered at three Regional Meeting locations this summer. Don’t miss out on these exclusive opportunities to be USASF Credentialed and Certified in Dance!

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NACCC Executive Committee Election Results 2012

Following the summer elections, the current NACCC Executive Committee members are:

  • NACCC LogoBrian Barnhart, Woodlands Elite
  • Theapia Best, NJ Spirit Explosion
  • Kimberly Dickenson, Cheer Express Allstars and Tumbling, Inc.
  • USASF LogoCraig El, Ultimate Athletics
  • Cherokee Greendeer, Green Bay Elite
  • Bret Hanson, Spirit of Texas
  • Jeff LeForce, Oklahoma Twisters
  • Michael May, Stealth All Stars
  • Carlos Onofre, West Coast Rush
  • Cheryl Pasinato, East Celebrity Elite
  • Tanya Roesel, Midwest Cheer Elite
  • TJ Sawyer, EC Cats
  • 1 Position TBD

More information can be found on USASF.net.

NACCC Executive Committee Election Results: Midwest Region

NACCC LogoThe National All Star Cheerleading Coaches Congress (NACCC), is pleased to announce the results of the election for the Midwest Representative to the NACCC Executive Committee. Please help us congratulate:

Tanya Roesel, Midwest Cheer Elite (West Chester, OH)

Cheryl Pasinato (East Celebrity Elite) and Kimberly Dickinson (Cheer Express Allstars and Tumbling) have been named representatives of the Northeast and Southeast regions.

Cheer Power Midwest Nationals 2011-12

American Cheer Power Midwest Nationals took place on March 31st and April 1st in Columbus, OH. This event had 252 All*Star Cheer teams compete and was a qualifier for Cheer Worlds. Paid Bids were awarded to:

  • Cheer Power LogoCore Athletix “Black Diamonds” (Senior Small Coed L5)
  • Michigan Xtreme “Legacy” (Senior Small Coed L5)
  • Pittsburgh Superstars (Senior Medium L5)

At Large Bids were awarded to:

  • FCA Gems “Onyx” (International Open L5)
  • Indiana Allstars “Witches” (Senior Medium Coed L5)
  • Matrix Allstars “Co-X” (International Open Coed L5)
  • Matrix Allstars “Onyx” (Senior Small Coed L5)
  • Midwest Cheer Elite “Thundercats” (Senior Medium Coed L5)
  • Ohio Explosion “C4″ (Senior Medium L5)
  • Spirit Athletics “Revolution” (International Open Coed L5)
  • Step One Allstars “Phenomenal” (International Open Coed L5)
  • Top Notch Cheer “Queens” (Senior Small L5)

Event Page | Cheer Power Midwest Nationals 2012 Results

The event had 252 All*Star Cheer Teams in 62 Divisions for an average of 4.06 teams per division.

All*Star Cheer By Level

  • Level 1 – 53 Teams in 12 Divisions (4.42 Average)
  • Level 2 – 68 Teams in 12 Divisions (5.67)
  • Level 3 – 46 Teams in 16 Divisions (2.88)
  • Level 4 – 27 Teams in 8 Divisions (3.38)
  • Level 4.2 – 4 Teams in 2 Divisions (2.00)
  • Restricted – 7 Teams in 3 Divisions (2.33)
  • Level 5 – 44 Teams in 8 Divisions (5.50)
  • Level 6 – 3 Teams in 1 Division (3.00)

All*Star Cheer By Age

  • Tiny – 9 Teams in 2 Divisions (4.50 Average)
  • Mini – 30 Teams in 7 Divisions (4.29)
  • Youth – 46 Teams in 10 Divisions (4.60)
  • Junior – 49 Teams in 15 Divisions (3.27)
  • Senior – 106 Teams in 25 Divisions (4.24)
  • International – 12 Teams in 3 Divisions (4.00)

NACCC: Attention: All Star Coaches, Athletes and Families

The members of the NACCC, along with Les Stella and Jim Chadwick met on a conference call Thursday to discuss the actions of the USASF Board and the new rules they put in place on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012. Specifically, concerns were addressed to the new limitations of tumbling skills allowed in Worlds Divisions.

The members of the NACCC are all gym owners and coaches. It is our goal to share the voice of not only ourselves, but also that of our colleagues and athletes. It was a general consensus that the way in which these new rulings were decided and then communicated (or lack thereof) fell out of line in the vision of the “voice” of our industry.

Three proposals were drawn up, which will be brought back to the USASF Board for their consideration of compromise. Please keep in mind that the USASF rulings and the new NACCC proposals of compromise have been created with the best interest of our athletes at heart. Although many disagree with the rulings handed down on Wednesday, it is our duty to remain professional and communicate our opinions in the appropriate forums. We appreciate and value the opinions we have heard, and hope that the integrity of our sport will thrive forward.


Members of the NACCC:

Elaine Pascale & Joelle Antico (World Cup), Victor & Kristin Rosario (Top Gun) Morton Bergue (Cheergyms.com), Kathy Penree (CNY Storm), John Hebert (POWER), Roger Schonder (Stingrays), Debbie Love, Jamie Parrish (GA Allstars), Cheryl Pasinato (East Celebrity Elite), Theapia Best (Spirit Explosion), Brett Hansen (Spirit of Texas), Julie Gillaspie (Cheer Central Suns), TJ Sawyer (EC Cats), Tanya Roesel (Midwest Cheer Elite), Craig El (Ultimate Athletics), Kimberly Dickenson (Cheer Express), Cherokee Greendeer (Green Bay Elite), Jeff LeForce (Oklahoma Twisters), Becky Herrera (CheerForce)