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Dear Spirit Post: USASF Board

Spirit Post was sent this email:

Anonymous wrote:

Who is on the USASF Board?




The voting members of the USASF Board of Directors are:

  1. USASF Chairman – Jim Chadwick
  2. USASF Representative – Steve Peterson
  3. ACA Representative – Lance Wagers
  4. CHEERSPORT Representative – Jeff Fowlkes
  5. JAM Brands Representative – Aaron Flaker
  6. NCA Representative – Karen Halterman
  7. UCA Representative – John Newby
  8. UDA Representative – Catherine Morris
  9. USA Representative – Mike Burgess
  10. NACCC Representative – Elaine Pascale
  11. Coach Representative – Jody Melton, Cheer Athletics
  12. Coach Representative – Mac Hirshberg, Mac’s All-Stars
  13. Coach Representative – Happy Hooper, ACE Cheer Company

The non-voting members are:

  • IEP Representative – Colleen Little
  • JAM Brands Representative – Steve Wedge
  • Varsity Brands Representative – James Speed

We keep a list of who’s on the board on our USASF Board of Directors page.