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The Wire: The Private Lives of the Cheerlebrities of Instagram

The Wire published The Private Lives of the Cheerlebrities of Instagram.

With more and more teens commanding smartphones, Instagram has become a reflection of one’s social status. Just like in high school, cheerleaders rise to the top. But it’s not just high school students following them — being popular on the Internet unfortunately means being popular with some of the creeps who populate it.

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Males—Minimize Exaggerated or Theatrical Movements

Slate published Males—Minimize Exaggerated or Theatrical Movements.

But cheer is an activity in which it’s always been OK for boys to shimmy. The USASF’s new rules have threatened to destroy that safe space. Gadke is still waiting to see the promised revision to the guidelines, and he’s still talking with the ACLU and GLAAD. He wants not just a revision but an apology. After all, cheerleading is a sport that’s built on trust. At this weekend’s championships, children and adolescents will toss themselves in the air on the assumption that a teammate will be there to catch them. If the USASF doesn’t right itself soon, the entire sport will be in for a hard fall.

Contest: Spirit Sports Duel in the Desert 2012

Courtesy of Inside Cheerleading Magazine, we’re having a couple contests. The prize for each contest is a certificate for a year long subscription to Inside Cheerleading Magazine for the winner and a friend.

Inside Cheerleading Uniform Issue 2012Highest Event Score (via Fierce Board)

Predict the team that will have the highest event score. The tie breaker will be who comes the closest to predicting their event score without going over. To enter put your prediction (team, division, and score) in this thread before the thread is locked on Saturday morning.

Paid Bid Recipients (via Spirit Post on Facebook)

Predict the teams that will receive the Paid Bids. To enter put your prediction (teams and divisions) on the Spirit Post wall before 3am (Pacific) Saturday morning. To win this contest you must be a fan of Inside Cheerleading, Spirit Post, Go! Fight! Win! Music, and Fierce Board on Facebook.

Maryland Could Cut 8 Sports in July

The Washington Times published Maryland Could Cut 8 Sports in July.

A source said last week that the Terrapins’ women’s water polo and men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams were informed they were expected to be dropped. The commission included those three teams, as well as acrobatics and tumbling (formerly competitive cheerleading), men’s tennis and the men’s cross-country and indoor and outdoor track and field programs.

A large part of my interest in this story centers around the potential impact on the efforts by the NCATA and Stunt to create a new cheerleading based sport.

A letter from the University of Maryland president has been published on the University of Maryland website and members of the Maryland A&T team and fans have taken to Facebook and Fierce Board (here, here, and here) in an attempt to raise awareness and save their team.

Cheer for a Cause Launches Campaign to Create “Bully FREE ZONES” in Gyms Across America and Around the World

In June, make a difference and take a stand to spread the message that bullying is a serious problem and has no place in our community. Submit a video in support of the cause to receive a free window decal and be entered in a contest to win a “Bully FREE ZONE” banner!

Bully Free Zone

Bully Free Zone

Lake Mary, Florida, June 6, 2011 – This month, Cheer for a Cause, a nonprofit whose mission is to unify the giving and giving back in our global cheer and dance world, asks you to take a stand against bullying. The cheerleading and dance community is one of the most accepting and unified groups in the sports world. And yet, in our world, bullying is still a problem. It takes many forms and can happen through text messages or on the web, in person, anywhere. When it comes to begin bullied, your age, gender or education level does not matter. Bullying hurts people, and it is not a joke.

To raise awareness, Cheer for a Cause is issuing a challenge – to gyms, schools and businesses – across America and around the world! The idea is simple. Together with your team, make a video of your stand against bullying. Declare your building a “Bully FREE ZONE” and “Cheer for a Cause”! Creativity and choreography are encouraged! Be sure to include information in your video identifying your program or business and location.

Cheer for a Cause partner, The Sticker Shop Unlimited, donated “Bully FREE ZONE” window decals. Every organization that posts their video to YouTube and emails a link to weshare@cheerforacause.org will receive one for free! The decals are also available for purchase on the Cheer for a Cause website.

Video submissions will be accepted until midnight Friday, June 24th. On Monday June 27th, finalists will be announced and posted on the Cheer for a Cause site. We will all have an opportunity to vote on the video that sends the best message against bullying. The program or business that receives the most votes will be featured on the site and earn a “Bully FREE ZONE” banner! Fantasy Cheerleading coach, Daniel McCall, in New Zealand, heard about the cause on Fierce Board and already submitted a video! You can view it on the Cheer for a Cause home page.

Look for Cheer for a Cause to share stories, videos and personal messages all month long from athletes who have personally experienced bullying.

Julie Bolton, founder of Cheer for a Cause said, “I’m hopeful that many gym owners and coaches will take the time to talk to their athletes this month about bullying. The pain it leaves behind can last a lifetime.” There are resources available for anyone who may have questions about bullying.

The U.S. Government has an excellent resource at http://www.stopbullying.gov. The Trevor Project, at http://www.thetrevorproject.org, is the leading national organization, providing crisis and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. There is also a great page on facebook focused on the cheer and dance world at “Bullying is Nothing to Cheer About”, http://www.facebook.com/bullyingisnothingtocheerabout.

Cheer for a Cause is a nonprofit corporation. Their mission is to unite the giving and giving back in the cheer and dance world, celebrate efforts to help others, unify support for athletes and teams experiencing tragedy and raise awareness and funds for causes. Find Cheer for a Cause at www.cheerforacause.org, on Facebook and twitter.

There’s something amazing happening in the Cheer World. It’s all about you and it’s Cheer for a Cause!

Cheer for a Cause Launches Campaign to Create “Bully FREE ZONES” in Gyms Across America and Around the World

SPIRIT Roundtable #6: The State of the Roundtable

SPIRIT Roundtable #6: The State of the Roundtable was released today. This was a quick show to let everyone know we’ll be discussing over the next couple of months. (Hint – USASF Rules Changes, A&T, Stunt will be big).

There weren’t any guests for this episode, just King, Sean, and myself.