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Observations Between Convention & Voting Weeks

Voting week is approaching and talk about the voting slate has taken over my social media feeds. It’s good that people are talking about the items and planning on voting, but I’ve seen too many of the conversations turn sour. Hopefully as the conversations continue everyone involved can be open minded and listen to what’s being said as well as being a little less defensive when others are speaking and a little less offensive when speaking.

USASF Policy & Rules Voting Information

Today is the deadline for updating your USASF Professional Member and Organization profiles for the purpose of voting on the Policy and Rules Changes.


USASF LogoCredentialing sessions are starting to be scheduled in various locations across the country. If you need to get credentialed please check USASF.net for new dates and locations.

The Majors added the Cheer Sport Sharks as an exhibition team, making them the first non-American team to be part of the event.

Congratulations to Cherokee Greendeer (National Elected), Tanya Roesel (Midwest Re-elected), Sean Sova (Northeast Elected), Britten Blackburn (Southeast Elected), Brian Barnhart (Southwest Re-elected), Carlos Onofre (West Re-elected), Lisa Golden (1 year Appointed), and Pam Puckett (3 year Appointed) on being elected, re-elected or appointed to the NACCC Executive Committee.

In addition, congratulations to Morton Bergue on being elected as the new chairman of the NACCC Board of Directors, as well as Debbie Love and Cheryl Pasinato for being re-elected to the board, and Brett Hansen for being newly elected to the board.

OverStretch – August 20, 2014

NACCC Executive Committee Election Results 2012

Following the summer elections, the current NACCC Executive Committee members are:

  • NACCC LogoBrian Barnhart, Woodlands Elite
  • Theapia Best, NJ Spirit Explosion
  • Kimberly Dickenson, Cheer Express Allstars and Tumbling, Inc.
  • USASF LogoCraig El, Ultimate Athletics
  • Cherokee Greendeer, Green Bay Elite
  • Bret Hanson, Spirit of Texas
  • Jeff LeForce, Oklahoma Twisters
  • Michael May, Stealth All Stars
  • Carlos Onofre, West Coast Rush
  • Cheryl Pasinato, East Celebrity Elite
  • Tanya Roesel, Midwest Cheer Elite
  • TJ Sawyer, EC Cats
  • 1 Position TBD

More information can be found on USASF.net.

NACCC: Attention: All Star Coaches, Athletes and Families

The members of the NACCC, along with Les Stella and Jim Chadwick met on a conference call Thursday to discuss the actions of the USASF Board and the new rules they put in place on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012. Specifically, concerns were addressed to the new limitations of tumbling skills allowed in Worlds Divisions.

The members of the NACCC are all gym owners and coaches. It is our goal to share the voice of not only ourselves, but also that of our colleagues and athletes. It was a general consensus that the way in which these new rulings were decided and then communicated (or lack thereof) fell out of line in the vision of the “voice” of our industry.

Three proposals were drawn up, which will be brought back to the USASF Board for their consideration of compromise. Please keep in mind that the USASF rulings and the new NACCC proposals of compromise have been created with the best interest of our athletes at heart. Although many disagree with the rulings handed down on Wednesday, it is our duty to remain professional and communicate our opinions in the appropriate forums. We appreciate and value the opinions we have heard, and hope that the integrity of our sport will thrive forward.


Members of the NACCC:

Elaine Pascale & Joelle Antico (World Cup), Victor & Kristin Rosario (Top Gun) Morton Bergue (Cheergyms.com), Kathy Penree (CNY Storm), John Hebert (POWER), Roger Schonder (Stingrays), Debbie Love, Jamie Parrish (GA Allstars), Cheryl Pasinato (East Celebrity Elite), Theapia Best (Spirit Explosion), Brett Hansen (Spirit of Texas), Julie Gillaspie (Cheer Central Suns), TJ Sawyer (EC Cats), Tanya Roesel (Midwest Cheer Elite), Craig El (Ultimate Athletics), Kimberly Dickenson (Cheer Express), Cherokee Greendeer (Green Bay Elite), Jeff LeForce (Oklahoma Twisters), Becky Herrera (CheerForce)

Jammy: JAM U – A Unique Conference Experience

Jammy published JAM U – A UNIQUE Conference Experience on the JAM Brands blog.

Join us in Louisville, KY on June 25-26 for JAM U! Spend a weekend with some of the most experienced and influential people in this industry. Our professors include Tara Cain of Maryland Twisters, Craig El of Ultimate Athletics, Brad Habermel of Cheer Athletics, Happy Hooper of Ace All-Stars, Eric Little – World famous Choreographer, Leroy McCullough of Twist and Shout, Cherokee Greendeer of Green Bay Elite Cheer, Courtney Smith-Pope of Cheer Extreme, and more to come!!

USASF Announces Age Grid Changes

Over 700 Coaches weigh in on the cheer age grid for the 2011-2012 competition season.

Memphis, Tenn., (March 16, 2011) – The USASF has announced cheer age grid changes for the 2011-2012 competition season. The new cheer age grid outlines the divisions, age guidelines, team sizes and crossover restrictions that are relevant to cheer teams for the upcoming season.

For the USASF, this marked a new procedure for cheer age grid changes. In an unprecedented process of rules meetings and discussions, the USASF met with more than 700 all star coaches during five regional meetings nationwide to develop rules and age grid proposals for the 2011-2012 season. With over 50 proposals on the slate, coaches and event producers worked tirelessly to come to consensus on each topic.

Elaine Pascale, owner of World Cup All Stars and Chairperson of the National All Star Coaches Congress of the USASF, is optimistic about creating ways to include coaches in the decisions that are crucial to their businesses. “I’m so proud of the coaches who volunteered their time to help make our sport better. “It’s great that we can test these rules for one, short competition season. Next year, we’ll have more information and statistics help us make the right decisions, especially as far as crossovers and team size.”

Many coaches appreciated the new approach towards transparency of the decision-making process. “The process was a great compromise between the coaches and the event producers in what each group thinks is best for the continued growth of the all star world, which is our shared goal,” says Happy Hooper, owner of the Ace All Stars and member of the USASF Board of Directors. “And I think next year, it will be even better.”

“The decisions we made together were a compromise to help address the needs and wishes of the gyms, the coaches and the athletes,” says Courtney Pope, owner of Cheer Extreme and member of the USASF Rules Committee. “I’m excited by any steps we can take to increase both competition and participation at any level.”

“Having voted and participated in the process, I am confident explaining the new rules to parents and my staff,” says Cherokee Greendeer of the Green Bay Elite All Stars. “As a smaller gym owner, making sure my voice is heard is so important. We represent a lot of this industry, and I’m happy to be a part of the decisions going forward.”

The USASF and its committees will be re-addressing the cheer age grid for the 2012-2013 season, and welcome feedback from coaches, gym owners and event producers. Cheer level rules and the glossary of terms for the upcoming season will be forthcoming. A copy of the 2011-12 cheer age grid can be found at www.USASF.net.

About the USASF

The U.S. All-Star Federation (USASF), based in Memphis, Tennessee, is the not for profit governing body for all star cheer and dance. The mission of the USASF is to maximize the number of participants benefiting from the positive life experiences of all star cheerleading and dance by developing competition rules and training guidelines consistent with the best known safety, educational and ethical practices. To learn more about the USASF, visit www.USASF.net.

USASF Announces Age Grid Changes Press Release