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Varsity Triple Crown 2015

Varsity Spirit LogoVarsity All Star announced the Large Senior division will compete for the 2015 Triple Crown. Specifically Cheer Extreme Senior Elite, Maryland Twisters F5, Stingrays Orange, and World Cup Shooting Stars will compete at Cheersport, NCA, and UCA with the most successful team across the 3 events winning a donation for the cause of their choice.

Last season the Large Coed division was featured with Top Gun taking home the crown.

The Nfinity Champions League Reveals Programs and Teams Committed to CL2

Los Angeles, Calif., August 1, 2014 – The Nfinity Champions League will see it’s second season this March 20-22 as it moves from Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California. Nfinity Athletic, The Official Shoe of Cheerleading™ and Aloha Productions, one of the leading event producers for cheerleading and dance events, present the headlining teams for The Nfinity Champions League Live Event for March 20-22, 2015 in Los Angeles, Calif. at L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles. Twenty-eight of the most elite teams in competitive cheerleading compete for the title of The Nfinity Champions League Grand Champion. Twenty-two League Teams will return to the big screen allowing six spots for the wild card Level 5 teams to “Play-In” to the League guaranteeing a spot in the movie release. Those six teams will challenge The League with the bottom four scores not automatically advancing to the following year.

Each team competing in The Nfinity Champions League selects a charity of their choice that is designated throughout the competitive season. Money is raised for those charities during their season with the GRAND CHAMPION of The Champions League taking home $10,000 for their charity and the remaining All Girl and Coed Champions receiving a $5,000 prize for their cause. Over $30,000 was raised and donated in the inaugural year of The Nfinity Champions League.

Champions League LogoThe Nfinity Champions League and Aloha Productions have the following programs and teams committed for March 20-22 in Los Angeles, Calif.:

Returning League Teams:

  • Brandon All-stars – Brandon, Florida
    • Senior Black – Small Coed 5
  • California All Stars – San Marcos, California
    • Smoed – Small Coed 5
    • Black Ops – Medium Coed 5
    • Lady Bullets – Small Senior 5
    • Coed – Large Coed 5
    • ACES – Medium Senior 5
  • Cheer Athletics – Plano, Texas
    • Panthers – Large Senior 5
  • Cheer Extreme – Kernersville, North Carolina
    • Senior Elite – Large Senior 5
    • Coed Elite – Large Coed 5
    • Small Senior X – Small Senior 5
  • East Celebrity Elite – Boston, Massachusetts
    • C5 – Medium Coed 5
  • GymTyme All Stars – Louisville, Kentucky
    • Platinum – Medium Coed 5
  • ICE All Stars – Chicago, Illinois
    • Lady Lightning – Small Senior 5
  • Maryland Twisters – Glen Burnie, Maryland
    • Reign – Medium Coed 5
    • F5 – Large Senior 5
  • Stingray All Stars – Marietta, Georgia
    • Peach – Medium Senior 5
  • Top Gun – Miami, Florida
    • Large Coed – Large Coed 5
  • Twist & Shout – Norman, Oklahoma
    • Obsession – Medium Coed 5
  • Woodlands Elite – Houston, Texas
    • Generals – Small Senior 5
  • World Cup – Freehold, New Jersey
    • Shooting Stars – Large Senior 5
    • Odyssey – Medium Coed 5
    • Suns – Small Senior 5

Play-In Competitors (Senior & Coed 5 Only)

  • Allstar Athletics – Tinley Park, Illinois
    • Lucky 7 – Small Coed 5
  • Brandon All-stars – Brandon, Florida
    • Senior White – Small Senior 5
  • Cheer Athletics – Plano, Texas
    • Junglecats – Medium Senior 5
  • Cheer Extreme – Raleigh, North Carolina
    • Smoex – Medium Coed 5
  • CHEERFORCE – San Diego, California
    • Blackout – Medium Coed 5
  • Elite Cheer Michigan – Chesterfield, Michigan
    • Venom – Small Coed 5
  • Five Star Athletics – Reno, Nevada
    • Dream – Small Coed 5
  • Green Bay Elite – De Pere, Wisconsin
    • Lime – Small Senior 5
  • ICON Cheer – Springfield, Missouri
    • Envy – Small Coed 5
  • Louisiana Cheer Force – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    • Gold – Small Coed 5
  • Midwest Cheer Elite – West Chester, Ohio
    • Diamond Kats – Small Coed 5
    • Femme Feline – Medium Senior 5
  • OC All-Stars – Foothill Ranch, California
    • Black – Medium Senior 5
  • Oregon Dream Teams – Beaverton, Oregon
    • Dream – Medium Coed 5
  • Pacific Coast Magic – Murrieta, California
    • Fantasy – Small Senior 5
    • Mysterious – Small Coed 5
  • POWER – Sacramento, California
    • POWER Sacramento – Small Senior 5
  • Premier All-Stars – Farmingdale, New York
    • Lady Celebs – Small Senior 5
  • Reno Elite – Reno, Nevada
    • Teal – Small Coed 5
  • Top Gun All Stars – Miami, Florida
    • Lady Jags – Medium Senior 5
  • UltimateAllstars – Port St Lucie, Florida
    • Small Coed 5
  • Woodlands Elite – Houston, Texas
    • Black Ops – Medium Coed 5

Additional teams will be announced publicly as programs complete registration at www.thechampsleague.com/registration/.

“We are so honored to be apart of such an amazing event for the second year in a row,” exclaims Orson Sykes, Owner of Twist & Shout. “To also have the opportunity to be in a movie as well as showcase the incredible athletes that are a part of our sport is just icing on the cake.”

Registration for The Nfinity Champions League will remain open to all levels until March 1, 2015. Levels 1-4 will compete for Level and Division Champions at The USC’s Galen Center and LA Sports Arena for the two-day competition with their registration fee including a reserved seat for Saturday night’s show. The new Worlds Score Sheet, established in collaboration with the USASF and the NACCC will be used at The Champions League Live event for all levels with a goal of establishing one scoring standard for All Star competition cheerleading.

Level 5 teams are invited to play-in to the competition on Saturday morning before movie rehearsal. Six spots are open to the highest scores from the morning to reach the live event movie filming on Saturday night.

Ticket Pre-Sales for The Nfinity Champions League will go on sale in Early 2015 with seating options for the show. Each athlete competing over the weekend will have reserve seating included in the registration cost to watch the filming and live show of CL2.

Showcasing their skills as a pre-show to the movie filming, the Junior Level 5 division will open up for The Champions League in March to showcase the most elite Junior Talent in the country.

One Sport. One Night. One Prom. The most elite athletes in cheer will take the red carpet in Los Angeles for this prestigious night in competitive cheerleading to kick off The Nfinity Champions League Prom presented by Cheer Life. All Level 5 athletes will be in attendance for this special night. Team members will walk the red carpet as the introduction to The Champions League movie filming and participants enjoy this formal night out with their friends and fellow competitors.

Twelve Days after the Champion is crowned, The Nfinity Champions League 2 will release to movie theatres nationwide on April 2, 2015.

Exclusive Sponsorship opportunities are available to companies interested in being a part of The Nfinity Champions League. Contact [email protected] for more information on how you can be a part of this prestigious event.

“We are thrilled with everything coming together for The Champions League event and truly excited to have Los Angeles as the host city for the West Coast,” exclaims Tammy Van Vleet, President of Aloha Productions. “Its amazing what this event has done to bring all of these programs together and contribute to the charities of their choice.”

About Nfinity

Nfinity Athletic, based Atlanta, Georgia, is a leader in providing innovative shoes, apparel and accessories for the female athlete. Nfinity has built a reputation as “The Official Shoe of Cheerleading” and is known for its use of technology and inventive approach to its products. Nfinity introduced the world’s first high-performance cheerleading shoe for women and was ranked 9th on Inc. magazine’s list of “Top 100 Consumer Product Companies.” Visit www.nfinity.com for more information.

About Aloha Productions

Aloha Productions produces over 30 prestigious cheerleading and dance events throughout the United States, which include Aloha Spirit Championships, Golden State Spirit Association (GSSA), The Cali Finale, The NATIONAL Championships, and The Nfinity Champions League. Visit www.alohaspiritchamps.com or www.gssaonline.com for more information.

Press Release – The Nfinity Champions League Reveals Programs and Teams Committed to CL2

USASF Chairman’s Cup Award

Has your program organized or participated in a philanthropic or community service project this season? You’re eligible for the USASF Chairman’s Cup Award!

USASF LogoTell us about your project and how it benefited your community or a non-profit agency or charitable organization. Projects might range from clothing or food drives, litter campaigns and nursing home visits to initiatives that benefit cancer research, children’s hospitals and other organizations important to your program.

The National Advisory Board will review all submissions to select the recipient to be presented at the USASF VIP Gala & Awards ceremony on April 25, 2014, just before Worlds prelims.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2014. More information is available on the Worlds VIP Gala and Awards page on USASF.net.

Editor’s Note – The VIP Gala page was moved during the USASF website redesign. The USASF Awards Selection information is now available at http://usasf.net/recognition/awards/vip-gala_selection/.

7 Samurai Virtues For The Modern Entrepreneur

Forbes published 7 Samurai Virtues For The Modern Entrepreneur. The translated virtues are:

  • Fortitude and Perseverance
  • Conviction and Faith
  • Care and Discretion
  • Righteousness and Justice
  • Moderation and Temperance
  • Benevolence and Charity
  • Hope

Shake That Peetz Family

Hello fellow cheer gym owners, coaches, judges and friends,

This is Jason & Lauren Peetz from Victory! All-Stars in North Carolina. We’ll make this brief because we know this is a busy time of the year for all of us.

We are asking for your help with getting us to the finals of a nationwide “Family Dance Off” that could win $30,000 for our local childrens’ hospital and $5,000 for our family (which we would use for our youngest son Jonathan’s medical expenses). We would love for as many people as possible to meet Jonathan. He has already overcome a lot in his 7 months of life and brought so much to so many people. We’re all in an industry that can sometimes make us lose focus on the important things in our lives. Jonathan has helped us and many others re-focus on the gifts and relationships around us every day.

The first link is a video that tells a short story about Jonathan.

The second link takes you straight to our video for the “Dance Off” and it takes about 10 seconds to vote (another :30 if you watch the video).

Jonathan’s Story:

Dance Off Voting Page:


Whatever you can do to help…email your gym families, post on your personal/business Facebook pages, etc…it would be immensely appreciated. You can vote once a day per computer and mobile device…if we make finals, we’ll re-send an email about when that voting begins at the end of March.

Thanks for everyone’s support!

Take care and God bless,

Jason & Lauren Peetz

P.S. Please feel free to forward to others in the industry who may know us as we are sure we have not gotten to everyone! :)

Cheerleaders Pledge 60,000 Hours of Community Service to Date for 2011 National School Spirit Day

Varsity Brands Celebrates 3rd Annual National School Spirit Day on September 9, 2011; More than 200,000 Hours of Community Service Conducted Over Past Two Years

Memphis, TN - According to a recent survey of 1,016 teen girls conducted by Varsity Brands, when concerned about an issue, cheerleaders are more likely than the average teen girl to volunteer (56% vs. 46%) and join an organization within their school (43% vs. 24%).

Varsity Logo


“While cheerleaders are recognized for spirit-raising activities all year long, they do so much more to benefit their communities and schools,” said Nicole Lauchaire, Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications at Varsity Brands. “That’s why Varsity created National School Spirit Day three years ago. It is a great way to honor the accomplishments of cheerleaders and dancers who are making a difference in communities across the country.”

National School Spirit Day celebrates the leadership among cheerleaders and dancers and is meant to shine a spotlight on the character that being on a cheerleading or dance team builds as well as on all that they do to give back to their schools and communities. Cheerleaders and dance teams across the nation have pledged to conduct at least four hours of community service in the week leading up to National School Spirit Day on September 9th.

“It’s great Varsity created National School Spirit Day to get cheerleaders across the country to come together and do something to give back to their communities,” said Kendall Jenner, reality TV star and cheerleader. As part of National School Spirit Day, Jenner and the Costa Mesa Cheerleading Squad volunteered with Meals on Wheels in Santa Monica, CA to deliver healthy meals to those who are homebound. “This day really brings attention to all the incredible things that cheerleaders are doing.”

Cheerleaders can visit the National School Spirit Day website (www.nationalschoolspiritday.com) to pledge their community service and learn more. Some of the service activities taking place this year include:

  • In addition to the Meals on Wheels community service with Kendall Jenner, in honor of the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, the Costa Mesa Cheerleading Squad is hosting a heroes rally to remember, mourn and never forget. They are raising funds to donate to a 9/11 charity as well as having a collection center to send overseas to troops. Truly a school and community event, it is not just the cheer team donating service time but also the football team and entire community.
  • Lady’s Island Middle School cheerleaders are collecting school supplies for the Franciscan Center of St. Helena Island, SC during the week of September 5-9th. The Franciscan Center is an outreach center staffed by approximately 60 volunteers that offers academic assistance, computer training, and adult English language classes to the community.
  • Shelby County West Middle School is celebrating National School Spirit Day by having a sleep-over and making hundreds of cards to send overseas to our troops. They are writing customized messages in each card to give our soldiers a little love from home. The cheerleaders feel this is the least they can do for all the hard work and sacrifices our soldiers make for our country.
  • The St. Paul’s High School “Bulldogs” are cleaning their community park and the feeder school buses in their community and baking warm cookies to deliver at the local nursing home. In previous years, they have washed cars and cleaned the school buses inside outside for the upcoming Football season. They feel community is what drives them to become better examples in the school.

“Cheerleaders and dancers are doing this year-round in their communities,” said Lauchaire. “National School Spirit Day encourages them to be visible leaders in their communities, and hopefully, inspires others to do the same.”

Taking a closer look at cheerleaders specifically, the Varsity Teen Girl Study also revealed the following:

  • Cheerleaders are more likely than the general teen (57% vs. 46%) to hold a leadership position in or out of school; cheerleaders are more likely to be a part of Student Council (33% vs. 25%) and programs connected to the arts than the average teen girl.
  • 81% of cheerleaders have grade point averages of 3.5.
  • Ninety-three (93) percent of teen girls participate in one or more activities at school.
  • 65 percent of high school girls participate in a school sport. The top 10 most popular include track and field, soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, softball, cross country, swimming, cheerleading, and dance team.
  • A majority say that playing some type of sport/spirit team generally makes them happier (78%), builds their overall confidence (73%) and helps to relieve stress (69%).

Varsity’s study surveyed 1,016 teen girls ages 13-18 to represent the roughly 14 million teen girls across the United States and sought to find out more about this powerful teen demographic, how they spend their time, how influential they are as a group and where they hold the most power of influence.

About Varsity

Varsity is the source for all things related to cheerleading and dance team. With a rich heritage and traditions dating back to 1948, Varsity is an innovative global leader comprised of the leading spirit brands and organizations including its educational camps, clinics, competitions and uniforms to teams around the world. Varsity’s National Championships, which are held at the Walt Disney World® Resorts, have been televised on ESPN Networks for more than 25 years. Web-based Varsity TV features thousands of cheerleading and dance team videos and has become a favorite cheer destination for cheerleaders and coaches alike. Varsity has led the way in cheerleading safety as a supporter of the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators since 1987 and as a camp leader training more than 300,000 cheerleaders per year in cheerleading fundamentals with an emphasis on safety. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Varsity employs 5,000 employees nationwide. For more information about Varsity, please visit http://www.varsity.com.

Cheerleaders Pledge 60,000 Hours of Community Service to Date for 2011 National School Spirit Day

Three Industry Leaders Donate To Peyton’s Promise

June 15, 2010 – Minneapolis, MN – Peyton’s Promise receives major contributions from three industry leaders. Jeannine Sentilles from Mardi Gras Spirit Events, Ann Lehrmann from Cheer & Dance Extreme and Chris Korotky from Inside Cheerleading Magazine donate a total of $2,500 towards the Adoption Initiative. This dollar amount brings Peyton’s Promise that much closer to finalizing a second adoption; helping to Bridge Another Forever Family.

Peyton's Promise

Peyton's Promise

Lisa & Roger Saline launched Peyton’s Promise to help raise funds and awareness for adoption. The program is set-up so that 100 percent of check donations go towards an adoption. The Saline’s developed the program after adopting a baby girl in 2002 and quickly finding out how expensive the adoption process can be. Many friends and family of the Saline’s contributed to the fund. In March of 2011, the initial goal was reached and Peyton’s Promise was able to help a family from Oregon bring home a baby boy. Mike and Theresa welcomed home baby Nathan because of Peyton’s Promise.

If you’d like to help Bridge A Forever Family, please visit www.PeytonsPromise.net or mail your donation to 11101 Zealand Ave N, Champlin, Mn 55316.

Three Industry Leaders Donate To Peyton’s Promise