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USASF Board of Directors

Mac Hirshberg (Mac’s All-Stars) & Happy Hooper (ACE Cheer Company) were recently newly elected to the USASF Board of Directors, while Jody Melton (Cheer Athletics) was re-elected. Roger Schonder & Orson Sykes are now Alumni Members.

USASF Board of Directors Email

USASF Board of Directors:

  • Jim Chadwick – Chairman
  • Aaron Flaker – Jamfest
  • Catherine Morris – UDA
  • Elaine Pascale – World Cup
  • Jeff Fowlkes – CHEERSPORT
  • Jody Melton – Cheer Athletics
  • John Newby – UCA
  • Karen Halterman – NCA
  • Lance Wagers – ACA
  • Mike Burgess – USA
  • Mac Hirshberg – Mac’s All-Stars
  • Happy Hooper – ACE Cheer Company
  • Steve Peterson – USASF
  • Andrea Kulberg – Future Cheer (non-voting)
  • Roger Schonder – Alumni Member
  • Orson Sykes – Alumni Member

USASF National Advisory Board

It’s time to elect the USASF National Advisory Board. The timing of the nomination and election process as follows:

  • December 1, 2009 – All nominations received
  • December 15, ballot e-mails sent for elections
  • January 12, deadline for all e-mailed ballots
  • January 26, election results announced.

USASF National Advisory Board

Cheer Coach Representatives

The terms of office for these NAB members expire 12/31/09

  • Jeff Miller, Pro Spirit, TX
  • Cheryl Pasinato, East Elite, MA
  • Courtney Pope, Cheer Extreme, NC
  • Robin Norko, Spirit All Stars, CT
  • Abel Rosa, Premier Athletics, TN

Terms expire in December 2010

  • Jamie Parrish, Georgia Allstars, GA
  • Debbie Love, Showtime Spirit, KY
  • Kim Braasch, Cheer Tyme, PA
  • Sue Godes, Planet Spirit, MN
  • Angi Dunham, Capitol City Cheer, MO

Competition Event Producers

The terms of office for these NAB members expire 12/31/09

  • Dan Kessler, JAMfest, KY
  • Kevin Brubaker, Cheersport, NC
  • Justin Carrier, NCA, TX
  • Kiki Bittner, Pacwest, WA
  • Mike Pare, Spirit Cheer, FL

Terms expire in December 2010

  • Gwen Holtsclaw, Cheer Ltd, NC
  • Bill Patterson, NCA, TX
  • Marty Grogan, JAMZ, CA
  • Jody Delorit, UPA, MN
  • Liz Rossetti, Americheer

Affiliate Members

The terms of office for these NAB members expire 12/31/09

  • Steve Zepezaur – All Star Cheer
  • Stasia Ohmie, Dollamur, TX

Terms expire in December 2010

  • Valerie Ninemire – Cheer Coach and Advisor
  • Ross Morreale – Ross Athletics
  • James Kersey – Nfinity Shoes

American Spirit & Athletic Championships

American Spirit and Athletic Championship held their Worlds qualifiers last weekend. KC Cheer and CDX Jags, both Small Small Coed teams, earned the partial paid bids at American Spirit. Cheer City United (Large Coed), All Star Legend (Small Senior), Tribe Outlaws (Junior), and Elite Athletics (Junior) earned At Large bids. Complete results can be found here.

Athletic Championships awarded Paid Bids to East Elite, Spirit Central (both Small Senior), & Celebrity Senior Silver (Small Coed). At Large Bids went to Maryland Vipers Venom (Small Senior), Cheer Factor Xfactor (Small Senior), Full House All Stars Jokers (Large Senior), World Cup Cosmic Rays (Small Small Coed), Northeast Elite (Small Small Coed), & CC Champs (Small Small Coed). International At Large Bids to Cheer Factor Xtraordinary (Junior), Celebrity Junior White  (Junior), Sparks All Stars Maven (Junior Coed), Celebrity CT Fame (Open Level 5), Celebrity International (Open Coed Level 5) & East Elite (Open Level 6). Complete results can be found here.

We’re entering the time of year in which Bids get passed to the next team so be sure to check the complete results to see who finished where.

National Advisory Board Ballot

Voting for representative on the USASF’s National Advisory Board (NAB) begins today and ends on January 21st. The results will be announced on January 26th. Voters are allowed to cast a vote for 1 person, with the 5 candidates with the most votes earning a 2 year term on the NAB. The candidates are:

  • Bethe Beaver, Indiana Elite All Stars, IN
  • Kim Braasch, Cheer Tyme, PA
  • Angi Dunham, Capitol City Cheer, MO
  • Rhonda Durham, CA
  • Sue Godes, Planet Spirit, MN
  • Kevin Hooker, Cheer Elite, NE
  • Debbie Love, Showtime Spirit, KY
  • Jamie Parrish, Georgia All Stars, GA
  • Simone Smith, Force All Stars, GA
  • Karen Wilson, All Star Gymnastics and Cheer, CA

American Championships Bids

We hearing Cheerforce Diamonds (Small Senior) and California All Stars (Large Coed) earned paid bids at the American Grand. Complete results will be posted here.

We still haven’t seen anything official about All Star Challenge or America’s Best’s bids, but ASC results can be found here and AB results can be found here.

AB & ASC Worlds Bids

We have not found anything officially stating who was offered bids at America’s Best or All Star Challenge. We believe Twist and Shout Small Coed earned one of the paid bids from America’s Best and Top Gun Large Coed and World Cup Large Senior earned the paid bids at All Star Challenge.

Varsity Brands’ International All Level Championship Update

It seems like the Varsity Brands’ All Level Championship is going to include non-Varsity brands. Rumors are linking CheerSport, JAMZ, Deep South, All*Star Challenge, American Spirt Championships, Spirit Cheer, and Pac West to the All Levels Championship. No word on if Jammy was invited to the party.