NFL Cheerleading News

Yahoo! published Cheerleaders Spring to Life Ahead of NFL Season, regarding tryouts for NFL cheerleading squads.

If that dream comes true, it’ll require a commitment to turn up for each and every Ravens game in front of 71,000 fans, plus three-hour practice sessions twice a week, a three-day training camp and community appearances.

The San Jose Mercury News (via the Denver Post) published NFL Cheerleaders Perform for Love of the Game, not Money, also regarding tryouts for an NFL cheerleading squad.

“We want beautiful women out there representing the team, but they have to be intelligent,” said Teresa Shear, the Broncos’ director of cheerleaders and game entertainment, as dozens of women clad in blue and orange practiced dance steps and twirls nearby. “They interact with the fans and represent the team.”

The Telegraph published Cheerleading Legal Row: ‘I just can’t afford to be as beautiful as they want’, regarding the lawsuits filed by former NFL cheerleaders against the teams.

She filed her lawsuit earlier this year and it has now sparked other NFL cheerleaders across the country to come forward with their own stories. It has also led to several teams’ ‘rulebooks’ being leaked to the press.

Just Cheer, Baby

ESPN published Just Cheer, Baby, addressing the lawsuit filed by a former NFL cheerleader against the team regarding the working conditions.

ON JAN. 22, Lacy T.’s attorneys filed a lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court alleging that the Raiders fail to pay their cheerleaders minimum wage for all hours worked, withhold pay until the end of the season, require cheerleaders to cover their own business expenses, don’t provide lunch breaks and impose fines for minor infractions — all of which, according to the suit, constitute violations of the California Labor Code.

Observations After a Weekend Without a Cheerleading Event

Last weekend was my first weekend since New Years without a cheerleading event, so I decided to go to one of my favorite events, the Final Four. My team didn’t win, but it was still a great trip and event. It was good for me to step away from cheerleading for a minute to see another sport’s championship to see if they do anything we should be doing. Once I get my thoughts organized I’ll let you know.


The Summit LogoThe final bid events are this weekend. Good luck to the cheer and dance teams going for bids at One Up and the dance teams going for bids at American Championships.

The April edition of USASF eNews was sent last week. Please take a minute to read it as it has some great information about Worlds and submitting a rules suggestion for the 2015-17 cycle.

Varsity All Star posted The Summit FAQ, which is useful for anyone going to Orlando.

The USASF Worlds Performance Order Drawing was held earlier this week. Videos of the draw are on