USASF Updates – December 2014

USASF LogoAthlete Membership cards are getting a makeover and will be much more easily available! Have you read about the accident and catastrophic insurance policies for your athletes? There are a few things we need you to do in your gym/studio profiles to keep your Event Rosters and database accurate. Read below and take action today!

Coming Soon: New and valuable resources in the Member Resources page to help you protect and support your athletes. Watch for announcements!

New Digital Membership Cards

As of Friday, December 19, 2014 the current ordering system for Athlete Membership Cards will be temporarily unavailable. Beginning in early January, a new, simpler, digital membership card system (with mailing option) will be launched. Remember, membership cards are NOT required for participation in any USASF Sanctioned Event, and do not have to be presented as proof of membership. Event Rosters serve that purpose at events. The new cards will be available to all Athlete Members, even if they already have the current card. Watch for announcements to come!

Educate Your Parents

Did you know that USASF Athlete Members are covered by an accident and catastrophic insurance policy should an injury occur at any USASF Sanctioned Event held in the U.S. or in supervised practices at U.S. member gyms? Full information is available by logging into your organization profile. Direct your parents here:

Member Insurance

Your Teams May Need Updating

If you carried over any teams from last year to this year, please log into your organization profile and edit the divisions for each team. This applies to all types of teams; cheer (All Star and All Star Prep) dance and special needs. Your Event Rosters will not format properly if you do not edit the divisions for each team. It’s a quick update, take a few minutes to do it now!

USASF Members Login

College Scholarship Applications are Available!

Coaches, be sure to share this opportunity with your college bound seniors! Applications are being accepted for USASF College Scholarships. Applications are due 2/1/15 and videos are due 2/15/15. Click below for full details.

College Scholarships

USASF Holiday Schedule

The USASF Offices will be closed for the holidays beginning Wednesday, December 24th through Friday, January 2nd. We will be open beginning Monday, January 4, 2015. Happy Holidays!

6 Ways Successful Teams Are Built To Last

Forbes published 6 Ways Successful Teams Are Built To Last, discussing the characteristics of a good team builder and leader.

History has shown us that it takes a special kind of leader with unique competencies and skills to successfully build great companies and teams.

What Athletics Can Teach About the Characteristics of Great Leaders

Entrepreneur published  What Athletics Can Teach About the Characteristics of Great Leaders, touching on some of the positives of participating in sports.

Among the many lessons athletics can teach about leadership, three stand out: setting an example, listening and developing a strong failure quotient (or FQ).

Australian & Costa Rican Nationals

AASCF LogoThe Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation (AASCF) Nationals takes place this weekend in the Gold Coast. It’s our understanding AASCF Nationals is the largest cheerleading event outside the United States. In addition FECAD’s Costa Rica Nationals is this weekend in San Jose. We’d like to wish all the competitors at these events Good Luck!

Spotlight: A.S.G.A.

Cheer Professional published Spotlight: A.S.G.A., profiling the group via co-founder Randy Dickey.

The group started back in 2008 with a select group of growing gyms including ACX, CEA, Cheer Carolina All-Stars, Charlotte Allstars and Rockstar Cheer. Dickey says the group was “fairly low-key” at that point and mainly connected several times a year to share resources, review scoring systems and combine buying power. “We’d work together to get volume pricing on uniforms and hotel rooms,” he explains. It wasn’t until 2012 that the ASGA membership eventually exploded: “When they announced the tumbling restrictions around the time of Worlds, we had 1,000 people show up to our conference call,” remembers Dickey.

5 Tips for Making Meetings Less Unproductive

Entrepreneur published 5 Tips for Making Meetings Less Unproductive, discussing ways to make meetings useful.

Many of us attended so many unproductive meetings or meetings we don’t even know why we are there for. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid making meetings altogether because a successful business needs brainstorming, discussion and an open-dialog among others.

How to Lose a Great Employee in 10 Ways

LinkedIn published How to Lose a Great Employee in 10 Ways, discussing what not to do to good employees.

Yes, #1 on the list is dishonesty. I don’t need a scientific study or a survey to tell me this so you will not see one cited by me, though I suspect it is out there somewhere. Integrity matters. Most good employees – and all great ones – have integrity. So, lying to them, to their coworkers, or to customers / suppliers is sure to turn them off. Over-billing a client, ripping off a supplier, bending the rules, cooking the books, and even just “little white lies” are all sure to catch the private ire of those employees who can best help you and your organization succeed. Don’t think they don’t notice; they DO.